Friday, September 26, 2008

All Smiles

Selamat Hari Raya to all...
Have a safe journey...
And always remember, forget everything and have fun during Raya (but not too much fun ya? pantang)

As for me, I'll be heading back to my hubby's hometown in Perak this Sunday. Beraya di sana dulu since Along wont be around this year, we all have to accompany mak earlier. Along is like the father in the family 'coz he's the eldest. Never had a chance to meet late daddy-in-law. I bet I would have been close to him 'coz we're all in the music scene, well sort of. Anyway, I can't imagine Along not around. Last year he was around and things went smoothly.. I wonder about this year. Never did Raya without him yet. Gonna miss him and his family though. They're the sunshine of the family.

2nd Raya, my mission will begin to roam Penang as much as I can and forget about my diet whatsoever! Spending time with my crazy family has always been my happiness. We're one loud family, unlike my in-laws who are more polite and shy people. I don't know if hubby is okay with our craziness and kecoh-ness. Sabar je la ye?

I heard some of hubby's friends are going to Penang too. I'm gonna make sure they eat what I eat!


dibitz is officially on vacation... until further notice...

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