Monday, September 8, 2008

When the truth become lies...

I want to say so many things
But I hold them to myself for so many reasons
When truth become lies
And lies are what they believe
Then the truth will just remain
As it is
Undiscovered not wanting to be recovered
Forced to hold my silence
Counting my patience
My emotions
Are now numb
Though I don't feel dumb
When I say believe me and they don't
When they question me I say don't
They told me marvellous tales
And never hold them as told
I get frustrated
When their lies are lies
And my truth are also lies
So I'd rather keep it to myself
And enjoy the bliss found in silence
For that's when I found my happiness
When I started being patient
I lose nothing when I lost everything
And I gained more than what I've been praying

Bee, you bring me happiness...

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