Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going Kimchi Over You

"kimchi, i love you..."

Aku tak sabar! Hujung minggu ni, aku nak buat kimchi.

I don't care. Aku nak buat berbalang-balang kimchi! Berbekas-bekas banyaknya sampai aku muntah darah makan kimchi nih... Kau tunggu laaaaa...!!!!

Siapa nak pesan, cakap cepat. Boleh aku beli lebih bahan-bahan. Nak buat bukan sekejap. Alang-alang buat banyak terus. First try, FOC. Sedap tak sedap belakang kira. Hahahaa...

Bila kimchi ni dah siap, bolehlah makan dengan nasi. Ganti sambal belacan. Atau kimchi ni boleh dibuat sup, rasa ala-ala tomyam. Sedapnya... slurrrrrp.

Kimchi boleh simpan lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... sebab dia dah jadi jeruk. Tambahan lagi, kimchi adalah makanan untuk kesihatan.

Ok, aku tak tau sampai bila aku gilakan kimchi ni. I am so makcik-makcik nowwww!!!! Tolong!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jangan Panik

I had the weirdest dream (not), Dian P. Ramlee was my mom's neighbour and she was evil as a witch. She scolded me for parking in front of her house. I smiled and looked at her, "Aunty!".

"Don't call me aunty!", she shouted back.
"Oh, err kakak? You don't remember me but you may remember my mom."
"Yea.. hmph like who?"
"Rubiah Lubis?", I smiled.
"Yeah, I know her. So what do you want?", she was evil, not the cheery looking face I see on tv.
"Err.. nothing? I wasn't looking for you. My mom's house is over there.", I pointed towards my mom's house, just 3 doors away.

So she looked at where I pointed, then looked at me, "Ok fine, come in. What do you want to drink? Help yourself to the lemon barley at the counter. We're having a mini party for our daughter."

wtf. I'm not going to continue with this stupid dream story. hahaha... This is what you get for dozing off at noon.


Anyway, I'm freaking annoyed with my colleague and principals and bosses and big boss. Jangan panik boleh tak? Timeline for delivery dah dekat, ye aku tau. Tapi korang boleh tak buat decision yang tak kelam kabut sangat. So unproffesional. Set a date for delivery and that's it. Dah bertahun buat bisnes pun kabut. Pfft...


I tell you what I'm addicted to now. Kimchi. Kimchi. Kimchi. Kimchi.
Please take me to The Gardens' Foodcourt. I want KIMCHI!!! I slurrrrrping love you kimchiiiii!!!!!!!!!

Bee, jom la.. kimchi... pleaseee...... *wink* *wink* *wink*

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Click Me!

Please click my ads...

Hehehe... Tatau nak blog apa arini...

Ada, tapi berat sangat. Tengah tak sihat...

Friday, May 7, 2010


click on image

Rock terus! Jumpa lu di sana!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Hahahaha... See you ROCKERS this 30 May 2010!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm glad I quit Facebook

After reading one of my fav blogger Chawanna, I know now I made the right choice of not getting too involved in Facebook. During those days where I was actively commenting, tagging, browsing, etc friends' pages, I found myself getting heated up everytime I read stupid comments here and there. Like, why the hell do I care in the first place? I should just let them be the way they are. But no, you tend to get too absorbed in it. And me being temperamental, I just couldn't control my anger.

Now I barely touch Facebook, and I feel so much 'healthier'. Come on people, get your face off that Facebook. Smell the flowers and coffee. See the bright daylight. Watch the evening rain. Take a walk in the park. Do something else besides tapping on your keyboard. Our life is short, treasure it.

When you're 40, and people ask you "What did you do when you were 30?". Gosh I have no answer. Hahahahaha...

But don't get me wrong. Some do make good use of Facebook. Doing business, meet old friends, spread good words of faith, etc. Unfortunately, majority of us just browse and nose around other people's businesses. Yes? Envying other people's success. Yes? Comparing your tummy with some hot chicks abs. Yes? Oh okay that was just me. :)

Anyway, push it all aside. Malaysian's no.1 browsing site is... jeng jeng jeng... Facebook. So... Let's do something more meaningful! I am glad my close friends have other activities besides Facebooking. Not like this one aunty I saw in Al-Rawsha Ampang, from her car to the table through dinner and back to her car, her notebook was on and her face was practically in the notebook, smiling, giggling. Hahaha... Kesian. Laki dia duduk sebelah dia hisap rokok sampai paru-paru nak pecah. Jangan esok-esok rumahtangga pun pecah. Touch wood.

During Myspace was not so bad because it didn't have this News Feed feature. Facebook has like everything and everything about your 'friend'. Things you supposedly need not know, you know. Sometimes without knowing, we breached people's privacy and we assume our friend is happy (when they're not) and vice versa. Yes, so why put up a status if you don't want people to know about your life? Sometimes, we get angry we don't think right, and we put whatever nonsense in your status and now the whole world knows you are unhappy (or are you really unhappy)? Okay, whatever. I'm just babbling nonsense now.

What I'm trying to say is, don't guess/assume about other people. It's a sin. Aku dah lari topik ke ni? I think so hahaha...

Anyway, let's cherish our life. Go do something meaningful. I promise you, it's way more fun than Facebooking. Instead of chatting through the net, why don't we just go meet them over a cup of tea. Won't that be more sincere? Plus seeing your friend smile infront of you gives you inner happiness. (Okay you can stop gawking! pfft..)

Tomorrow is a sacred day for me. Happy Anniversary Bee. I loved you then. I love you more now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Disney and Its Hideout : Hypocrisy

Disney hired Victor Salva, a convicted child molester, to direct its movie Powder. When Salva's victim, Nathan Winters, then 20, publicized the hiring, some of the police officers who investigated the 1987 molestation were incredulous that Salva was working again as a movie director. "It just blows me away," said Officer Gary Primavera. "He has serious signs of still being a pedophile." One Disney official, John Dreyer, refused to respond to Winter's demand that Disney fire Salva, saying, "What's the point other than you want to make headlines?"
That's compassion for you. Continuing to be employed with Disney money, Salva has made "Jeepers Creepers" and "Jeepers Creepers 2" (2004) which he wrote and directed. With his history in mind, watching the movies with their undercurrents and teen boys is creepy.

Newsweek reported that in 1996, Disney considered buying Ripe, a movie about the deflowering of 14-year-old twins. Bad publicity was all that stopped the deal from being made.

In 1995, Disney-owned Miramax released the homosexual movie, "Lie Down With Dogs". Great book, horrible movie. Seems Disney just wanted to make a "gay" movie to be hip and get in the gay market. The reviews written about it at are better than the torture of the film.

Kids (Miramax) was described by Variety magazine as "one of the most controversial American movies ever made." According to Newsweek, "The film follows a number of barely pubescent-looking boys and girls around New York City as they smoke pot, bait gays, beat a black man and engage in graphic sex. "Under pressure Miramax formed an independent company to market and distribute the pornographic movie." (Daily Variety, 1/27/95; Newsweek, 2/20/95; Wall Street Journal, 3/30/95; Associated Press, 6/29/95)

Priest, another Miramax release, depicts five Catholic priests as perverts and blames their perversion on Church teachings. One priest is homosexual-as-pervert; a second an adulterer; a third an alcoholic; a fourth demented; and the fifth just plain mean and vicious. This was such an alarming and sick movie that the gay newspaper The Advocate reported it under the heading "Family Alert Issues" 3/10/95, 4/4/95, 4/18/95;

When Disney's Hollywood Records released an album by the band Sacred Reich, they sent thousands of marijuana bongs to radio stations as an advertising ploy to get them to play the record. Yet DIsney claims a staunch and rabidly anti-drug stance.

Glen Danzig and his band of the same name was picked and groomed by Disney to be a kind of Disney-exclusive money making rock machine, much as today's hand-picked-and-groomed "Boy Bands" ala N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. Danzig, to hear him tell, is a self-proclaimed Satanist and sang about suicide, self-mutilation, sex with demons, and rape. The band once made a video called, "It's Coming Down" with scenes of sadomasochism, masturbation and genital mutilation. MTV found it so offensive they refused to air it. Danzig also starred in a Disney made movie, Prophecy II (it's hysterically bad..if you need a laff, go rent it). When questioned about this hardcore "talent" and nefarious past, Disney said Danzig was "harmless, simply misunderstood". They saw Glen's "message" as behavior as some rock-theater-clowning. Danzig fans would disagree and so it would appear that Danzig's band and lifestyle was pretty hard core and serious. Yet there he was making weenie-*** Disney who's scamming who?

Bands signed by Disney owned and funded Hollywood Records include(d):

Human Waste Product - who sing about sex with the Virgin Mary while calling Her a "whore".

NY Loose - whose main theme in their songs is suicide. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds. Wholesome Disney family fun.

Seaweed - whose hit song was called "Drug Free Zone". The promo literature put out by the company quoted the lead singer as saying he did "so much cocaine my nose exploded into a bloody mess and I had to have plastic surgery. That was a pretty good one". This upset a lot of radio people (and parents) and who knew the age group who was reading this stuff.

Death Row Records and Interscope Records was acquired by Disney in 1997. The main fodder of these two companies is "gangsta rap", your basic misogynist, violent "black" music ALA Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre. The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was investigating Death Row Records for gun and drug trafficking, and money laundering. In spite of this investigation, Disney Boss Michael Eisner offered Interscope's Tom Whalley a multimillion dollar contract to take over Hollywood Records. Whalley declined.

In 1989 Disney became a partner, and the one to own the largest % of shares in, Viewer's Choice "Hot Choice" - a leader in Pay-Per-View cable soft porn. Until Disney showed up, Viewer's Choice had only played action films and comedies. The profits were decent but Disney wanted better, and decided to launch the "soft porn" division in 1993. To develop original programming for their creation, Disney offered porn star Becky LeBeau a $7-figure deal and share of the profits. She appeared in many films herself and hosted an all-nude modeling program which showed explicit footage if women, some as young as 18. Disney also signed the infamous and famous Marilyn Chambers, a veteran hard core porn star, to an exclusive multi-project deal a year after she won the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Adult Video Association.

Viewer's Choice has an exclusive contract with a production company for a series called, "American Stripper On Tour". The film crew visits all-nude strip joints around the country.

Bottom line?

Disney owns the largest percentage, as a partner, in the biggest company in the soft-to-medium porn market.
Disney owns many of the huge record labels producing the very bands and topics the "Parental Advisory" label was created for - bands that glorify rape, drugs, murder, hate, racism, violence against women, violence, period
Disney owns many of the huge movie studios producing some of the most outrageous crap yet to be made. You won't find any mention of those details as they push their Family Friendly, Pro-Family, Pro-Mom&Dad, Pro-Happy Safe Healthy Children Agenda though. As one insider said, "The New Disney will do just about anything to make a buck".
Can you feel the Disney Magic?

*stolen item

My say:
It's not that it is not okay to be "not okay" with all these crap. The question is; what makes you think it's okay to be "open-mided" with these crap. They made you think it is okay, yes?
We do have faith still, don't we?

"From among the Signs of the Hour is that the Religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of religious Scholars) and general ignorance (or religion) will appear" -Saheeh Bukharee

Sigh, I'm still so far away.