Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a sip of coffee

sitting, sipping, staring...
on a monday morning
loving the days of my life
loving the man of my life
as i kissed his forehead when he is sleeping
as i pray the love we have everlasting
as we wait for the fruit of love
as i watch the sky above
i know i've been blessed
with everything that i have
everyday is a wonderful day for me
for i have never been so happy
to have him by my side
to have it in my life
to have the love like i've always wanted
to have all my dreams granted
i am blessed
truly blessed...

as i sip my coffee
thanking the days i'm having
and to make my days more interesting
i can feel it kicking...

okay, okay mommy will stop drinking
the coffee that kept me day dreaming

i love you sweetie pie
and i love your daddy too 'til i die

yup.. today is the first kick after 18 weeks...