Friday, September 26, 2008

All Smiles

Selamat Hari Raya to all...
Have a safe journey...
And always remember, forget everything and have fun during Raya (but not too much fun ya? pantang)

As for me, I'll be heading back to my hubby's hometown in Perak this Sunday. Beraya di sana dulu since Along wont be around this year, we all have to accompany mak earlier. Along is like the father in the family 'coz he's the eldest. Never had a chance to meet late daddy-in-law. I bet I would have been close to him 'coz we're all in the music scene, well sort of. Anyway, I can't imagine Along not around. Last year he was around and things went smoothly.. I wonder about this year. Never did Raya without him yet. Gonna miss him and his family though. They're the sunshine of the family.

2nd Raya, my mission will begin to roam Penang as much as I can and forget about my diet whatsoever! Spending time with my crazy family has always been my happiness. We're one loud family, unlike my in-laws who are more polite and shy people. I don't know if hubby is okay with our craziness and kecoh-ness. Sabar je la ye?

I heard some of hubby's friends are going to Penang too. I'm gonna make sure they eat what I eat!


dibitz is officially on vacation... until further notice...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BBQ time!

Saturday :: 20 September 2008 :: Biq and Sharul's Crib

It's been a year or so that we got together, the gals and I. Most of us are married so commitment has taken away some of our "freedom". Not that I'm complaining, but we all do know our priorities and we're all happy the way we are. Anyway, we still chat online, duh!

And so our mini-BBQ-cum-long-time-no-see-get-together included my hubby and I, Biq and Sharul (the hosts), Skin and Hasrul, Elly and Arab, Deb and Nan, Enda and Majid, Aisha and Wan, and Ashraf. Hubby and I made sure we arrived as early as we can, 4pm, and that was after we went to the mechanic to service our car (Raya's coming!). Deb joined earlier too with some desserts. Starting the fire was a pain in the ass as always. Biq had pre-marinaded the lamb, chicken, beef, sausages, prawns, squids and what not. We even had corns! Yummy! I love BBQ!

Later Enda and Majid came with frozen otak-otak. It did taste good! Pedas! Then Skin came
with mashed potato, pasta salad and coleslaw. Terer hang buat eh. Nan and Ashraf arrived the
same time. Elly and Arab brought drinks. The table was full I can say! By 6.30pm food was still not ready. Oh dear, we panicked for a bit. Nan suddenly said his previous tenant left a BBQ set, and asked maybe we could add another set. Why not? We've got kilos of chicken to cook! Surprisingly, his BBQ set was way nicer than mine! Okay, to start another fire was another hell... haha... (Nan and Deb moved house and at the same row as Biq's! How great is that?)

We thought we could stop cooking by break fast, yea rite. It went on until 10.30pm... hehe.. But we ate, cooked, drank, gossiped, ate some more, cooked some more... Oh let me brag a little if you don't mind; thank you my dear hubby who started the fire and stayed by the BBQ set until all food was cooked. Only to rest a little and you kept on cooking. You're a real champion and a BBQ king! I love you! The other BBQ set was handled by Majid, Arab and Nan. As we know, they're a funny bunch and we couldn't stop laughing! If only I had my video camera at the time.

Then Aisha and Wan arrived and the house became more happening. Dia ni takleh jumpa makcik Biq mesti kecoh. The leftovers were alot! But good thing all of us brought back some, and nothing was left wasted. All I can say is that it was a great BBQ, we had fun, food was delicious and we were all exhausted.

Hubby and I of course continued our Saturday night with Amy at Sentul. It's like a must to just hang out there. Hehe.. We finally went home at 4am. What a day... what a day...

Thank you Biq and Sharul for being the host. Your house is lovely! Sorry for the mess though.

Pictures credits to Biq. For more, visit

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday hubby and I took leave. We went for our baby check up and Alhamdulillah all's fine. So fine that the doctor told me not to come until the next 2 months. She advised me to see my normal GP if nothing abnormal occurs, 'coz for such a simple check up might take forever in the hospital. That's fine with me, so long I can claim from my office. I'm just a weeee bit dissapointed 'coz we couldn't see the gender yet. The doctor said it's still too early. I think she's just plain malas for the day. Maybe there were too many patients she'd just have to skip my request. It's okay though, I can wait.

On Tuesday, my favourite Quiksilver sandal finally gave in. Putus talinya. After 2 1/2 years of service, I finally have a reason to get a new sandal for myself. And I was eyeing Crocs for a very long time. Oh yea, I'm the type of girl who don't really pair shoes with occasions. I just slip into my slippers and go. Selekeh kan? Selekeh with style lor. Not like some people, dress up with all their might but only manage to look like a Christmas tree.

And so hubby took me straight to Crocs at the Curve and I bought myself a new sandle! Yiihaa! Okay, I may splurge a little bit too much for a slipper, but I only wear that and that everyday and everytime. I don't wear heels, sneakers, or whatsoever fashion out there. So I make sure I get one pair of goddam good sandals to last another 4 years! (Since the price is double my Quiksilver). Freakin' expensive, demmit!

Later we headed to SS2, met up with Mynn and hung around the area for like 2 hours, going into boutiques, pharmacies, DVD stores.. trying to kill time until break fast. Yeap, we broke fast at Murni. To my ashame, I didn't know that place existed! It's the same concept as William's and I think it's more comfortable there. The mamak stall concept is definitely more appealing than William's.

At around 6 we sat down and Aisha arrived soon later. I ordered roti beacon. Kinda like murtabak, except the filling was tuna and salami, wrapped in canai and topped with mayonnaise. Hubby ordered seafood spaghetti which was yummy. Mynn ordered mi raja. I guess this is the customers' favourite dish, 'coz I see averagely every table has one mi raja. Aisha ordered mozzarella beacon which is actually roti naan with mozzarella and salami for it's filling. The drinks were my favourite, pure mango puree juice with nata de coco, longan and watermelon! Same treatment goes to Aisha and Mynn's ice blended Ribena.

I ordered mi raja for our sahur. All in all in costed me and hubby RM29. Not bad, huh? I'm definitely going there again.

We went home and tried out the PS2 game we bought, and I fell asleep while hubby enjoyed his favourite manga game. It was definitely a happy day for me. Baby's fine, new sandals, great food, great chat, smiling hubby... I love my life!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yup, I guess they were right. The Ikea Ramadhan Buffet 2008 was a dissapointment. Choice of food was too little. I remembered last year I could purposely leave out some food coz they were too many to choose from. But unlike this year, the only dish that caught my eye was the chilli prawn... and guess what, the prawn wasn't really fresh. But I ate my heart out, so what. I made sure I get value for my money back. Plus I had fun hanging out!

I'll check out the menu first next year before I go in.

tips on fasting during pregnancy

I'm 5 months and fasting. I'm sure most expecting mothers fast too. But I do hear some don't, maybe just a few days... some not at all!

To me fasting is Allah's wish, he wants us to do it for Him. So, if He wishes so, it couldn't be that bad right? Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk kita. It is said that if you're a laborer or a pilgrim, then you may break fast if you have to. So it applies to those who can't bear to fast maybe due to tiredness or dehydration or in my case if the baby is feeding on all your energy.

But so far, my 'lil darling in my tummy has been behaving very well during this fasting month. I'd probably want to thank the tips I read on the internet; which is during your last meal during sahur before Imsak, drink milk and eat some dates. Everyday, I make sure I do that. Sahur, One glass of warm milk and 3 dates. It works like a miracle. I don't get hungry at all nor do I feel my heart burning (that's what they say when they feel the baby is feeding on you). I work at a construction site and I can get pretty stressed you see. If it works for me, it should work for you.

But, if you're 8 months pregnant or going in labor than I have no right to suggest what so ever. Ask your doctor for tips and suggestions. Probably don't fast at all, ok? I'm no pro here.

Other than that, happy fasting!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ikea Buffet?

So far I haven't buka puasa outside yet. Tomorrow will be my first buka puasa date with hubby dearest! Yeayyy!!! And we plan to go to Ikea's Ramadhan Buffet. Last year we went there, the food wasn't all that bad. Although they don't serve their famous meatballs, which soooo many of them are complaining, I don't mind the malay dish they serve. Come on la, what do you expect from RM15.90? (I hope the price is still the same) As I remember their food variety was quite wide and I ate my heart out. Comparing to buying food at the Bazaar Ramadhan, I'd spend almost the same amount of money, but less food. So, I can't say it's not worth it.

Can't wait 'til tomorrow.. It's not the food that I'm crazy about, it's about me buka puasa with my hubby at my favourite hang out. Bliss...

Oh, I forgot.. some of my friends are doing this buka puasa get together thing at Sabak Melati tomorrow, but I just couldn't join them. I've planned this for so long. And next week more buka puasa with friends, family and colleagues to schedule. I guess if I don't go to Ikea tomorrow, my 'lil baby will be kicking inside me... tee hee... mengidam!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's the 2nd week of puasa and I'm already thinking of Penang!

Every year, my family and I would take a trip back to Penang Island, book a service apt for 4 days, eat all we can and shop all we like! Just by thinking about it, I start to drool! Pasembor, oyster goreng, nasi kandar, asam laksa, ABC, sotong kering (I used to call it sotong gila when I was younger), muaci, and more! more! more! Hubby first joined us last year and he's already hooked with our yearly family activity... I can't wait!!

And not to forget shopping at Ferringhi... I would really spend like hell!!

But for now, I have to concentrate on my fasting... astaghfirullah........

Monday, September 8, 2008

When the truth become lies...

I want to say so many things
But I hold them to myself for so many reasons
When truth become lies
And lies are what they believe
Then the truth will just remain
As it is
Undiscovered not wanting to be recovered
Forced to hold my silence
Counting my patience
My emotions
Are now numb
Though I don't feel dumb
When I say believe me and they don't
When they question me I say don't
They told me marvellous tales
And never hold them as told
I get frustrated
When their lies are lies
And my truth are also lies
So I'd rather keep it to myself
And enjoy the bliss found in silence
For that's when I found my happiness
When I started being patient
I lose nothing when I lost everything
And I gained more than what I've been praying

Bee, you bring me happiness...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Your bleeding hands

It's not that I don't care
When your hair is out of place
Or when you cry in your sleep
I never was too eager
To say something cheap
And lie to your face
That everything's gonna be okay
Material I can give
Happiness that's what I pray
For you
I never was unsincere
Do you remember the time
I laid my hand on your bleeding hands?
And sealed it with compassion of a friend
Think of the times I spent
Hours of cans
I was there
When you needed me...
So don't question
Don't play judging
Because I never asked for your compassion
Not once...
You can despise
You can pull a face
I don't care
Because YOU never did lay
Your hand on my bleeding hands...


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Without Fail :)

Never thought I'd love again
This way
The pain
That I love to feel
Again and again and again
You just lift me up
And make my day
You please me
Tease me
And love me
Without fail

The way you look at me
Stare at me
Gaze at me
Is enough for me
To know that you are the one
I want to spend the rest of my life
Not abandoned
Not alone

When you speak to me
I feel special
When you make love to me
It's undenial
You make me crave for more
More of your love
More of you
I can't get enough of you, baby...

I don't know how else I can express
My love to you
To show you that I'm true
We've been through hard times
I guess it's enough
I just want you to be mine
Enough of those stuff
Leave it all behind
And I'll love you everyday
With all my heart I will
Because I know you'll love me
Without fail...