Friday, April 25, 2008

Modern Men Are Bitches

Jangan baca. Luahan hati je.


I can't believe how bitchy men are nowadays. Where did all the nice gestures, gentleman ways when in pressense of a lady? I can see the difference between elderly man and the younger generation men. It's no wonder why some girls DO PREFER OLDER MAN. It's because they have sense of manners and responsibility!

I'm currently working at site and people here ranged from young to old, all races, both sexes. I have two guys, not working directly under me, but generally we all do have to work as a team, right? But some particular motherfuckers are such hard heads and a lazy ass-bums who are too lazy to even check on the delivery schedule! I received instructions from HQ to do something totally out of our scope, and I tried to fight for my team so we don't have to do unnecessary work, which I know my team is too lazy to do it. I'm lazy to do things out of my scope too, you see. I fought for our rights, and HQ shot back at me. So, okay. Fine. I'll do it. I told those guys to help me out, and what did I get? Hatred in their eyes, as if I puposedly wanted them to do the job! I told them I fought for us, but then they started mocking me. What the fuck, man? What did I do to deserve this?

There's no point of explaining to them because the guys here are just too stubborn to listen, and such a big sulk! I hate cry babies, okay! That's a girls thing! And our 'mini' boss is such a biased longwinded moron! He dumps all the bloody paper works to us girls, and let those guys do the easy jobs, for example receiving goods. They even have time to go for a tea break, twice a day! We have so much paper work to do, we don't have time to do calls to vendors. We told Mr' 'mini' boss we need the guys help to follow up with vendors, but NO.. they had to just give us girls the calling job. So, fine! We'll do that too! We're here working our asses off so that things are in order, and they think we're bossy? A little help wouldn't hurt those muscular built, would it?? Tak JANTAN la korang! Such wusses and pussies. Girls are so much tougher than any of you! (I'm currently talking only about the boys at site)

Guys now are smart to dump all the work to us girls, because they know we can do it. Girls are so independent, they don't need men to help, unless relating to lifting heavy stuff or what not. So, they take advantage of us. Not only that, guys now know how to sulk! Merajuk! If you sulk with your wife I don't care lah! Tak malu ke nak merajuk ngan orang lain? In front of other people pulak tu? If you compare with elderly men, they'd be happy to help at anytime, no doubt. When they ask for help, they'll ask very politely. In fact, I seldom see them ask for help. They'll do the job and if it comes to a dead end, they'll ask for help. With smiles and manners. They don't say nasty words. They don't give hints. They understand that women have tempers and are very sensitive, they avoid anything that would make us sad or mad. Because the elderly knows better that when they are kind to us, we are more than happy to give a helping hand when they need it.

Not like you young assholes. Dah la cakap tak berlapis. Malas. Kuat merajuk. Patu nak kita buat sumer keje? Ok, takpe... semoga anda goyang kaki tak kerja langsung sampai mati, and feed on your wives! Have a nice life!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Middle ring pedal to the metal

From: akira
Apr 21, 2005 10:15 PM

yeah!10 point for me! :D

dulu my office is at PhileoPromenade,ampang,then moved to PJ :( kat Bukit Jalil Golf&Country club.
Baru 3 month kat sini.Selalu i lunch kat SriPetaling. tak best nyer tempat makan are situ kan?tp ada Secret Recipe!

hahaha..muka u serious je masa driving,liek tgh amik gambar IC,comel sgt!
hope dpt jumpa u on the hiway time i'll horn you..better beware! ;P

thanks for replying.

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From: dibitz
Date: Apr 20, 2005 3:11 AM

yeap! it was me alrite! hahahah... mmg i pegi keje kat sri petaling via mrr2. today is my 3rd day working here... is ur ofis around here too?? i thought ur office is around kl town. anyway, kalau u lalu2 sri petaling stop by la ye :)

thanks for noticing.

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From: akira
Date: Apr 20, 2005 6:00 PM

Hi dibz.

semalam around 630pm i rasa i nampak u tgh drive kereta putih..plat no bhvsumthing.. i cant remember.. kat middle ring road on. is that you?

mula2 u on my left side, mulut i tiba2 dib!
then u potong i, n then ur on left side and i rasa.. eh mmg la tu dib.
i nak horn tapi takut nanti u terkejut n langgar kereta i pulak hehe.

btul ke tu u eh?

The affair I didn't notice...
We'd switch traffic reports. Complained how sucky Sri Petaling and Bukit Jalil were.
We exchanged mp3s. I'd listen to his problems. I'd scold him for being a fool. We'd sulk with each other for no reason.
I was jealous for no reason. He was angry for no reason.

We never talked.. until the following April.

He is my husband now...

April, always a surprise for me, year after year...

I love you. You always came back...