Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Momma, I wanna be a ROCKSTAR!"

Yesterday I received a call from an old friend asking if I would be interested in joining his band as a frontperson (vocalist) for the Battle of the Bands... I said thanks but no thanks.

I would have said yes, just for the fun of it! hahaha... but I have commitments now. Anyway, I can't even get my band to hold on together, or even get back together. I must say one of my fantasies is to be a rockstar! Tell me who doesn't want to have a taste of it? I'm not a great singer though, but I love the craziness! Creating songs, practicing, recordings, late nights, no sleep, wasting time and most of all the shows! Not to mention dressing up for a reason! hahaha.. Yea, I love working hard for nothing.

I once had my hopes up high with Garaa Band, but then it just got flushed down the toilet, like any other amateur bands. It must have been the most devastating thing that could ever happen to me. Worse than breaking up with a boyfriend (yea I'm over-reacting). We were on the right track. We even had an EP! We sold out all of them! (Excuse me, it wasn't even 100 copies.. hahahaha). I had numerous calls for shows that I had to lie to them saying the boys were out of town. What a liar. I was hoping the breakup was temporary, but it wasn't. Sigh.. God always does this to me. The adrenaline always lasts such short time. In every case of my life! Damn it.

And so I told my friend, I have a kid now and I bet my hubby won't allow it. I told him I was flattered that he asked me, at least I'm still a rockstar to some people. hehehe.. well, at least all my efforts left some markings somewhere or to someone out there.

Give me hope.. and take it all away. It has always been that way. RIP.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I just don't get it



I must have been a bad girl...

I guess God knows I am such a spoilt kid, he punishes me in a mild way.

I have eczema, not only on my hands.
I have a problem with my hip bone, or rather the whole of my lower body.
I have a painful bunion.
I don't have enough milk supply for my baby.

It may sound like nothing to some, but it does shatter my self-esteem. In a way feeling like a failure.

So if someone thinks I'm lavished in comfort, internally I suffer enough. If not physically, at least mentally. And if you know me, I'm easily depressed.

I can fake a pretty smile though. HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE!! :D

Tune in this Sunday 29th March 2009 4pm-5pm for Projekt AK's brand new entry single 'HIGHER' and an exclusive interview @ Malaysian English Top 10 with Uno & Moots of Pop Shuvit!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Projekt AK -- Latest Single-- !!

Ok, so Pineaplle must have heard people shouting... they've added KORN and Erykah ya? Still not going.. hehehe...

By the way, if you haven't heard already, Projekt AK has released its latest single Higher and Inspirasi. Their full 10-songs album will be out soon. Check them out at:

Projekt AK @

I heard that they're already on air. I'm still checking out which station. Most probably Capital 88.9fm. Probably others too, I'm not too sure.

It's practically the same song, but in two different languages; Malay and English. Nope, it's not the direct translation if you don't understand Malay. Why two languages? Well you see, to capture the local market there's no other way other than singing in its mother tongue. How sad can that be, but that's the reality. I don't know whether it is the question of ego in us where we simply just don't want to accept local artiste singing in English or we have many locals who just can't understand English! Either way, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.. yup, create one Malay single.

Projekt AK is bringing out the funk in every one. I'm sure there are some other funk bands out there under the blanket or something but honestly Projekt AK can fulfill my inner crave in listening to music. I believe when you are in a band, each and every band member should play an important role in realising the music. That's what I can get from them. Take one out and you don't have a band. You get what I mean? Maksud aku, tiap orang tu kena ada talent la nak main betol2!!! Bukan setakat jengjengjeng je... camtu aku pun bleh main.

So go on and listen to our local act! I read in one of the comments from some other blog that we should stop idolising international acts so much. She's right... and wrong. We do have talents here too.. but then again, what's wrong with idolising others when they're really good? Timba ilmu sampai ke negara China.. heard that saying before?

Now go!!

Projekt AK @