Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Don't Talk To Idiots

Idiots annoy me big time. From dumbasses to zero IQs to assholes. If you see me not talking in a group, means I have detected an idiot. And if this idiot talks to me, God knows I want to shove my feet down his throat.. badly.

Life makes you bitchy. Life taught me to be bitter. And I don't give a damn if people hate me, coz I generally hate people. I am comfortable on my own... and with my own set of people..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Humairah's Baju Raya - 2010

And again, this year's baju raya(s) are made by my ol' goody friend, Fara a.k.a Liz Rashid the "I Can Do That" Missy! And yes Fara, you can do anything!! I love you!

Just see how pretty the baju kurung and dress are. I just fell in love with it. Lagi-lagi bila Myra pakai, comel sangat-sangat... I will take pictures when Raya comes...

Next year, I'm forcing Fara to do my baju raya... heheheheheheeeehhhh....

For more of her crafts, visit I Can Do That!