Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sarah Mclachlan - Adia

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mr Big - Wild World

La. .. .la ... la.
Now that I' ve lost everything to you
You say you want to start something new
And it 's breaking my heart you' re leaving
Baby I'm grieving
And if you wanna leave take good care
Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
A lot of nice things turn bad out there

Oh baby , baby , it 's a wild world
It' s hard to get by just upon a smile
(yeah .. .) oh baby, it 's a wild world
I' ll always remember you like a child girl

You know I've seen a lot of
What the world can do
And it' s breaking my heart in two
Coz I never want to see you sad girl
Don' t be a bad girl
But if you wanna leave take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
Just remember there's
A lot of bad and beware
La. .. la.. .la .. .la. .. la. I love you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beautiful Ones

My users always ask me how I could cope with their bosses' bad moods, tantrums, funny requests, emotions, menopause, (hehe) etc. They say I'm calm and collected. They say I have high tolerance and patience.

In fact I do if I'm allowed to boast myself. It's because I see the person in a different angle. I try to allow myself to understand the person's possible reason why they act in a certain way. And for these people I quietly label them as 'beautiful people'. Yes they're weird, different, difficult.. aren't they already special to you? They are not normal. That's why I deal with them differently. My client (the beautiful one), loves me so much she even set dates to see me, twice a week. And only wants to see me. Not my boss. Not my colleague. Her staffs says she seldom have favourites. I'm not talking big here, but yeah who cares what people think. I am proud to know I'm one of her favourites.

The world is so much of 'norm people' that we expect others to behave like we do. And if they don't, we criticize and desert them. Labeling them so many names. Oh yeah, like we're so perfect? Stop watching too much tv and get a grip of reality. We are all weird. We each have different personalities. What's important is we must know some respect and some 'adat'. You can be 'special' but if you don't have manners, than you're out of the picture, far from being 'beautiful'.

Beautiful People to me are those difficult to understand types. Their brain works funnily. They can be possessive, control freak, temperamental, judgemental, etc. They also are always conscious that people are watching them all the time. I don't fix these kinds, because they can never be fixed. They are just like that. So yeah, maybe it was right for 'norm people' to walk out from these 'beautiful ones' because 'norm people' usually don't know how to deal with them.

But hello, I'm not talking about gays or infidels or sorts. This is totally about character. It's different. Don't confuse with personality and faith.

So how do I deal with them? I usually submit and let them be. Gentleness always wins. Listen to them first then you speak. Always try to be on their side. When they accept you, then your ideas may be vital to them. Yup... they're difficult. And they are special. Do no attempt to change them, they may rebel.

I should be working at the psychiatric dept.

But of course I do have my limits. When my patience builds up to a blow, I blow like hell. So I'm not that tolerant either.

It's because I believe I used to be 'beautiful' once. Possessive. Control freak. Temperamental. That is why I understand these kinds more than some.

So smile at them and just let them be. You're no special than them either.

Note: If you're dealing with abusive types, then it's not your job to deal with them. Report immediately. Help them and yourselves. Mental abuse also can be reported and brought to court (for Muslim wives) just in case you don't know. Happy Friday people! :)

The video clip above is not related in any way to this blog. Just the title. Hehehe...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Album Review: Projekt AK 'FUNKdeMENTAL' by

Disiarkan Pada 12 Aug 2011 02: 39 Oleh one.barchiel di

Komuniti underground tempatan pastinya sudah
lama mengenali Projekt A. K. yang ditubuhkan
pada 1995 ini. Mereka sering menyertai gig- gig
Hardcore di seluruh negara pada awal
pembabitan mereka dalam scene . Projekt A. K.
ketika itu merupakan pelopor trend rapcore dan
berbekalkan dua EP iaitu “Against
Kounterplot”(1997 ) dan “Prototyp”( 2002) ,
mereka telah berjaya membina satu reputasi
yang memberangsangkan dalam scene
underground lokal kita.

Seperti band- band lain secara amnya,
pertukaran anggota band adalah sesuatu yang
lumrah. Projekt A. K. telah beberapa kali
mengalami masalah sedemikian, namun dengan
semangat yang kuat mereka meneruskan
penglibatan mereka dan mencari idea- idea
baru. Transformasi yang paling ketara pastinya
arah muzikal mereka yang kini lebih kepada
irama funky- rock.

Album “FUNKdeMENTAL” ini amat ketara
elemen funky dan groove- nya. Muzik
sedemikian jarang diterokai oleh band- band
tempatan. Album ini jelas menampakkan
bahawasanya Projekt A. K. memainkan muzik
yang lahir dari hati mereka sendiri dan bukan
untuk pasaran semata-mata . Beberapa lagu-
lagu menarik termuat dalam album ini seperti
“Higher” yang turut mempunyai versi lain dalam
bahasa Malaysia iaitu “Inspirasi”, “Confusion ”,
“Tonite”, “Alright” dan “Angel ”. Keseluruhannya
“FUNKdeMENTAL” mampu menjadi duta muzik
funky bagi muzik lokal kita. Lagu- lagu yang
dipersembahkan mempunyai originaliti yang
kukuh dan berjaya mengalih tanggapan umum
bahawa muzik funky adalah seperti Red Hot
Chilli Peppers semata-mata . Funky yang
Projekt A. K. persembahkan ternyata berat dan
banyak diiringi gitar- gitar distortion.

Dua anggota asal Projekt A. K. iaitu Rudy
(vokalis ) dan Fyzal (drums ) masih kekal dalam
band ini sementara Syahmi (gitaris) telah
menganggotai Projekt A. K. sejak 1997 lagi.
Penyertaan Andy Flop Poppy selaku bassist
pada 2006 pula kekal sehingga kini. Line- up ini
dilihat agak mantap dan mampu membawa
Projekt A. K. ke destinasi yang lebih tinggi
dalam arena Rock- Alternatif kita.

Mampukah Projekt A. K. menjadi trendsetter
bagi muzik funky sepertimana mereka menjadi
trendsetter bagi rapcore dahulu? Marilah kita
sama- sama mengharapkan yang terbaik bagi
Projekt A. K. buat masa kini dan akan datang.
Seni mereka sememangnya berada di arah
positif bagi industri muzik tanahair .

Most fans like myself still do embrace the old rapcore. However we can't keep sticking our minds in the past. We have to move on and explore new things. Bad sign was when I went to an international gig (80s rockstars), our local 80s rockers were still stuck with their glam-rock image, whereas the international acts were already with modern clothing. Get where I'm going? We like to hold on too long of our past. I'm guilty too... chow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Potluck Buka Puasa aka Pre-Raya

To set up the Raya mood with my friends, we decided to have potluck buka puasa at our house last weekend. It's been a long time since we had any gathering at our crib. As quiet as my hubby can get, he actually loves crowd at home. The right kinda crowd that is.

Kinda sad Fara, Skin and Elly couldn't join.

I hope to do more gatherings before my other kid pops out soon. Then it'll be another year nursing. And then I'm gonna force my neighbour buddies to host parties... hehehe...

My new specialty; roasted chicken and vegies. Ready to take orders too.


P/s: waiting for pics from Deb and Ginger...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know Allah loves me and He is listening... *cries*

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proposal to the Government

Women may have the rights to apply half day jobs. Tak kisah la gaji pun half ke apa. How wonderful that'll be...

Points to ponder :
1. Mommy can spend time with kids
2. More job opportunities, I take half day, you take half day
3. No issues brought up like women power shit, you still get your job

Amacam? Ok tak? Next election aku nak bertanding la. Hahaha...