Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Projekt AK "Higher" - Maxis/Hotlink Caller Ringtone


I got myself my ever first Caller Ringtone: Projekt AK's latest single "Higher". Mulanya nak amik yang part Bridge dia, masa rap tu, tapi macam ganas sangat pulak kalau orang call pastu dengar lagu cam garang-garang. So, I decided to take the Chorus part.

It's easy. Follow these steps (Maxis only):

"Higher" (Chorus) - Dial *131*133346#
"Higher" (Bridge) - Dial *131*133347#


1. Go to musicunlimited
2. Click Buy either on "Higher" Chorus or "Higher" Bridge

RM3 first purchase, renew at RM2 per song per month.

Kalau anda seorang lelaki, amat sesuai part Bridge tu... mmm lazat!

Cepat download sebelum basi! hahaha...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Euro Fun Fair 2009 Bukit Jalil

Did I have the time of my life or what?? My friends and I had an adhoc trip to the Euro Fun Fair held in Bukit Jalil last Saturday. All 15 of us including 2 kids!

For reviews, you can visit or

I can say they pretty much summarized everything for me!

Here are some pics taken by my lovely friend Deb!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Di Haramkan Solat Waktu Kerja???

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My friend came across this and forwarded it to all of us. Hoi marahnye aku bila baca. How dare you ban our prayer time? Like us banning you from praying to your god. Kalau tak suka orang mengular, buat la masa2 tertentu untuk dorang pi solat! Apa susah sangat? Your office must be darn boring if they keep on disappearing. Or your management must really suck that your employees don't like to hang around the office or even work in it, if that is your concern la!

Tapi korang yang mengular tu pun satu, apahal korang mengular lama sangat? Solat siap solat sunat ke? I believe it only takes maximum time of 15mins to complete your prayer.

So now what? Take action or follow the rules. I believe you can take action against your management. Kalau memo menentukan masa-masa tertentu untuk bersolat, faham la kan? Ni memo tak boleh solat langsung, pejadah. Memperlambatkan solat pun tak elok. But anyway, these guys get what they deserve I guess. Asyik MIA aje. Either take action, or pray during lunch time and after working hours. Shouldn't have taken advantage of the situation.

But to the management, this shouldn't have been the action to take. You want to write memos, please do your bloody research first before you pick up your pen. Eg: how long it takes to pray, etc. This is a Muslim-majority country. Use your head, dickface!

note: I have nothing to do whatsoever with this memo, management, or people related to this post/memo. Just my point of view of the situation.

Pemenang American Idol 2009 adalah Kris Allen!

Yes, Kris Allen won! Which I'm not too happy about.

Up til the top three previously I was like, Kris who? I was only eyeing for Danny and Adam. Only after that I realized Kris is also very talented, except that he doesn't stand out like those to, to me laa...

Kalau Adam tu, memang sesuai la market sedunia, lagi-lagi kalau orang kita sini yang suka stail emo-emo, gaya rambut senget tu, patu bleh nyanyi suara setinggi-tinggi alam tu... ala-ala Amy Search... memang lazattt....

But what to do, maybe Danny's fans all voted Kris instead of voting the best: Adam. You think?

Apa-apa pun, Adam lepas ni sure laku gak, tarak hal laa... Tengok la David Calculator, eh Archuletta... nampak cam dia lagi maju ke depan aje berbanding David Cook. Personally I like David Cook, but his song sucks la...

Ok la, enough of American Idol already.

Showdown Between Worldwide Star Adam Lambert & Acoustic Rocker Kris Allen

Post taken from here.

Kris Allen won the coin toss last week. It gave him the choice of whether to perform first or last during tonight's showdown between him and glam rocker Adam Lambert. He chose 'last'. The dueling males each has three songs to perform. For round one, he will reprise his favorite
performance of the American Idol 2009 season. For round two, he'll sing Simon Cowell's choice. For round three, each will sing the same tune—penned by judge Kara DioGuardi.

Round 1; Competitor's Favorite Season Performance: Decked in a Matrix coat, silver scarf, and boots, Adam Lambert reprised 'Mad World'. Standing amid a fog effect, he emoted the lyrics and tune. The judges loved it—except that Simon disliked the long coat and the fog. Randy Jackson gave an 'A for Adam'. Playing the piano, Kris Allen reprised 'Ain't No Sunshine'. The judges loved it and Simon gave the first round to Kris.

Round 2; Simon's Choice. Adam sang Sam Cooke's 'A Change is Gonna Come'. He raised the roof of the Nokia Theatre and regained complete favor with the judges. Playing the guitar, Kris sang 'What's Going on?" The brother completely missed the soul of what's goin' on. Round two went to Adam—by a million percent according to Simon. Paula Abdul went so far as to say Adam would be iconic. He is iconic.

Round 3; Kara's Song. Kara co-wrote 'No Boundaries' with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allan. It is the song with which the American Idol 2009 winner will make a recording debut. Adam nailed it, Kris didn't. Pleased that a singer of Adam's caliber had sung her song, Kara said to Adam, "I'm moved and proud. Thank you for giving me that moment at the end." Adam responded (re the song) "It's beautiful."

Randy Jackson told Adam that he could sing anything. Simon said to Adam that American Idol was/is looking for a worldwide star. And Adam is the worldwide star. The 'Forever Your Girl', Paula, said she was forever Adam's fan. Round three went to Adam by a landslide. And the American Idol 2009 winner is— KRIS???????

Personally, I think Adam deserves it.

And my personal favourite is Danny Gokey.. hehehe...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angan-angan Deebo...

I spoke too soon. Of course it'll never happen; my band...
Sigh... a dream diminished once again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My friends and I are planning a charity thing. I really hope it works!


So Nan invited us for a jam session with the original line-ups of our band. I wonder whether it would ever happen... (eyes sparkling.. tingtingting...)
If it does, I'm gonna scream my lungs out... lepas geram. Dah la karaoke takleh, jamming pun dah bertahun takde... (tingtingting)

Sighhhh, ennnnnnnntahhhhhhhhhhhhhlahhhhhhh........................

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Humairah @ 4 months!

More to come :)

Sekarang Projekt AK dah nombor 4 kat Carta MET10 @!


They need your support!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's so hard for me to blog nowadays! Argh!! I'm so busy!!

Here are some pics of my baby Humairah. We visited Sepang Gold Coast, just to see what's all the fuss with this palm thingy ala Dubai. It's not completed yet, but I heard it should be ready by end of this year. No pics coz I think it's not all that ready yet. But we did enjoy the seafood there, by the beach... yumm...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Broken Heart

My heart is so broken, I don't think anything or anyone could ever heal it.

Always that way... always that way... I'm destined to be this way.

If it is so, then I shall take it as I go. Like always, this heart has been broken again...

Another stagnant me.

Please. This is my turn.