Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Buka Puasa @ Pizza San Francisco Wangsa Maju

After deciding not to do potluck for our buka puasa this year, and after juggling between rice and western/italian food, all had come to an agreement to have it at Pizza San Francisco Wangsa Maju. Parking was easy and it's kiddy-friendly. Not to mention air-cond and good food. Price wise, we were budgeting below RM40 per head, and buffet is a no-no when kids are around, especially babies. I'm glad everyone understood the situation. Nak taknak western dan italian la kita...

To our surprise, most of us went to the salon to set up our hair. Hahaha... nampak sangat gumbira nak jumpa member-member. Biq dengan rambut sotong dia, Deb potong pendek terus sebab stylist lama dia telah merosakkan rambut dia (butchered katanya hahaha), Elly and I trimmed and blow dry je kot? Tapi agak musykil itu Arab adakah pergi salon jua? Masih belum diketahui... Skin dgn flower scrunchynye. Aisha and Fara go au naturale...

Steak was on Promo RM12.90

Oxtail Stew (about RM21. Tak ingat harga)

Nachos (RM14 kot)

Lamb Shank (RM23 kot)

Taking a breather

My baby biting me

Fara yang kononnya tanak gambar dia diambil hehe

The girls, with Skin substituted with Sharul XD

Tak cukup dengan makan, nak pulak lepak minum teh tarik. So, we all headed down to Studio Cafe Wangsa Maju next to Aicu Kopitiam, satu deret dengan Cheng Ho. My only complaint is that the price is just a bit too much. Dah macam harga hotel. Teh tarik RM3.90, teh ais RM4.90. Nasib baik teh dia okay. The rest I don't even bother to look. But service was okay and the place was quite descent. But I ain't going back there again.

Biq with her jokes

Myra getting cheekier everyday

Tak puas lagi tu, nak kena sesak-sesak di Danau Kota. The girls bought shoes and sandals. Jalan punya jalan boleh hujan lebat pulak tetiba. That was about 1 a.m. I think. Wanted to go to Mali after that but it was still raining. We headed home and sahur around our housing area with Biq and Sharul.

It was one hell of a weekend that the next day we just stayed home the whole day.

Thank to HubbyMyra, DebNan, BiqSharul, SkinHasrulSami, EllyArab, AishaWan and Fara for making this gathering a memorable one! Lain kali, Zamani cakap jangan lupa ajak dia. haha..

Pic credits to debygorgeousz