Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday hubby and I took leave. We went for our baby check up and Alhamdulillah all's fine. So fine that the doctor told me not to come until the next 2 months. She advised me to see my normal GP if nothing abnormal occurs, 'coz for such a simple check up might take forever in the hospital. That's fine with me, so long I can claim from my office. I'm just a weeee bit dissapointed 'coz we couldn't see the gender yet. The doctor said it's still too early. I think she's just plain malas for the day. Maybe there were too many patients she'd just have to skip my request. It's okay though, I can wait.

On Tuesday, my favourite Quiksilver sandal finally gave in. Putus talinya. After 2 1/2 years of service, I finally have a reason to get a new sandal for myself. And I was eyeing Crocs for a very long time. Oh yea, I'm the type of girl who don't really pair shoes with occasions. I just slip into my slippers and go. Selekeh kan? Selekeh with style lor. Not like some people, dress up with all their might but only manage to look like a Christmas tree.

And so hubby took me straight to Crocs at the Curve and I bought myself a new sandle! Yiihaa! Okay, I may splurge a little bit too much for a slipper, but I only wear that and that everyday and everytime. I don't wear heels, sneakers, or whatsoever fashion out there. So I make sure I get one pair of goddam good sandals to last another 4 years! (Since the price is double my Quiksilver). Freakin' expensive, demmit!

Later we headed to SS2, met up with Mynn and hung around the area for like 2 hours, going into boutiques, pharmacies, DVD stores.. trying to kill time until break fast. Yeap, we broke fast at Murni. To my ashame, I didn't know that place existed! It's the same concept as William's and I think it's more comfortable there. The mamak stall concept is definitely more appealing than William's.

At around 6 we sat down and Aisha arrived soon later. I ordered roti beacon. Kinda like murtabak, except the filling was tuna and salami, wrapped in canai and topped with mayonnaise. Hubby ordered seafood spaghetti which was yummy. Mynn ordered mi raja. I guess this is the customers' favourite dish, 'coz I see averagely every table has one mi raja. Aisha ordered mozzarella beacon which is actually roti naan with mozzarella and salami for it's filling. The drinks were my favourite, pure mango puree juice with nata de coco, longan and watermelon! Same treatment goes to Aisha and Mynn's ice blended Ribena.

I ordered mi raja for our sahur. All in all in costed me and hubby RM29. Not bad, huh? I'm definitely going there again.

We went home and tried out the PS2 game we bought, and I fell asleep while hubby enjoyed his favourite manga game. It was definitely a happy day for me. Baby's fine, new sandals, great food, great chat, smiling hubby... I love my life!


El said...
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TutyToinky said...

I have crocs sandal too. A friend told me that the lifetime is actually 6 months only. I've had it for nearly a year (ke dah lebih setahun)& I wear the sandal almost every outing. Dah worn out a bit. Kalau jalan kat tempat licin, agak bleh nak tergelincir la. Hehehe. But then again, I'm so ganas with my selipar..hehehe.

TutyToinky said...

Owh, I didn't know that you're a pregger. Hehehe. Congrats, love!

Anonymous said...

babe.croc was mg bestfren when i was pregnant..i even wish i can wear it to work.

1st tri-still wearing glamour high-heels(size 3).
2nd tri- i had very comfy kitten heels(size 4)
3rd tri- slipar jepun, crocs & slipar bermanik from nose rm10 (size 6)

anyway, good luck with the baby.

p/s-i kawan skin..saje sampuk ur blog..jgn mare..kalu tak mare..jom be frens.

dibitz said...

toots.. 6 mths je? bukan main mahal tp 6 mths je. aiseh... but u've worn it for a year. i'm like u, i wear all the time. i hope it'll last longer than that. bab tergelincir tu mintak simpang la.. hehe.. thanks!

ms jedi, i can wear mine to work! hihi jgn jeles.. from size 3 to 6? wowww... we really grow eh? thanks again!