Thursday, September 4, 2008

Without Fail :)

Never thought I'd love again
This way
The pain
That I love to feel
Again and again and again
You just lift me up
And make my day
You please me
Tease me
And love me
Without fail

The way you look at me
Stare at me
Gaze at me
Is enough for me
To know that you are the one
I want to spend the rest of my life
Not abandoned
Not alone

When you speak to me
I feel special
When you make love to me
It's undenial
You make me crave for more
More of your love
More of you
I can't get enough of you, baby...

I don't know how else I can express
My love to you
To show you that I'm true
We've been through hard times
I guess it's enough
I just want you to be mine
Enough of those stuff
Leave it all behind
And I'll love you everyday
With all my heart I will
Because I know you'll love me
Without fail...

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