Saturday, August 26, 2006


in the blizzard
things started to swirl
up and down
round and round
it was when
held up conversation
made it a sensation
to most probably
but none needs to know
when the river of tears flow
like showers from the waterfall afar
from the lonesome star
i took a picture
in memory i'd remember
that very moment
when i realized we have each other
and no other
coz no one could see
the star hidden between
those dark clouds that twirls
when the blizzard started to swirl

i'm always here for you

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

3 ways to be rich instantly

Yes... after all the tips I gave before... I'm still broke.
So here's a better solution to all of you who are like me... plain broke...

1. Rompak bank - yes, here you can find millions of ringgit and will last you your whole life through... just don't get caught la.

2. Hack into bank negara and transfer all the money to your account - haa... this one sounds like terer terer one lar... no need to drive, bring tools, run here and there... just sit at ur desk with ur pc and do ur work. just don't get caught la.

3. Make a personal loan and run away from the country, duduk kat Bandung - hehehe... barang2 kat Bandung murah tau, and you can be a millionaire with the loan you made.. hahaha... jangan balik mesia tau. just don't get caught la.

Sape nak sewa rumah aku kat Sunway tu? Pintu gril, lampu, kipas sumer dah siap... ada swimming pool, pakgad, personal car park... dekat sangat ngan Sunway Pyramid... meh meh... PM aku...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I can't wish to be happier than this, because I don't know how.
I am now complete. Not decorated.