Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BBQ time!

Saturday :: 20 September 2008 :: Biq and Sharul's Crib

It's been a year or so that we got together, the gals and I. Most of us are married so commitment has taken away some of our "freedom". Not that I'm complaining, but we all do know our priorities and we're all happy the way we are. Anyway, we still chat online, duh!

And so our mini-BBQ-cum-long-time-no-see-get-together included my hubby and I, Biq and Sharul (the hosts), Skin and Hasrul, Elly and Arab, Deb and Nan, Enda and Majid, Aisha and Wan, and Ashraf. Hubby and I made sure we arrived as early as we can, 4pm, and that was after we went to the mechanic to service our car (Raya's coming!). Deb joined earlier too with some desserts. Starting the fire was a pain in the ass as always. Biq had pre-marinaded the lamb, chicken, beef, sausages, prawns, squids and what not. We even had corns! Yummy! I love BBQ!

Later Enda and Majid came with frozen otak-otak. It did taste good! Pedas! Then Skin came
with mashed potato, pasta salad and coleslaw. Terer hang buat eh. Nan and Ashraf arrived the
same time. Elly and Arab brought drinks. The table was full I can say! By 6.30pm food was still not ready. Oh dear, we panicked for a bit. Nan suddenly said his previous tenant left a BBQ set, and asked maybe we could add another set. Why not? We've got kilos of chicken to cook! Surprisingly, his BBQ set was way nicer than mine! Okay, to start another fire was another hell... haha... (Nan and Deb moved house and at the same row as Biq's! How great is that?)

We thought we could stop cooking by break fast, yea rite. It went on until 10.30pm... hehe.. But we ate, cooked, drank, gossiped, ate some more, cooked some more... Oh let me brag a little if you don't mind; thank you my dear hubby who started the fire and stayed by the BBQ set until all food was cooked. Only to rest a little and you kept on cooking. You're a real champion and a BBQ king! I love you! The other BBQ set was handled by Majid, Arab and Nan. As we know, they're a funny bunch and we couldn't stop laughing! If only I had my video camera at the time.

Then Aisha and Wan arrived and the house became more happening. Dia ni takleh jumpa makcik Biq mesti kecoh. The leftovers were alot! But good thing all of us brought back some, and nothing was left wasted. All I can say is that it was a great BBQ, we had fun, food was delicious and we were all exhausted.

Hubby and I of course continued our Saturday night with Amy at Sentul. It's like a must to just hang out there. Hehe.. We finally went home at 4am. What a day... what a day...

Thank you Biq and Sharul for being the host. Your house is lovely! Sorry for the mess though.

Pictures credits to Biq. For more, visit www.sekupang.net


Anonymous said...

Santapan berbuka yg enak walaupun terpaksa berusaha keras untuk hidupkan api.Terima kasih Biq and Syarul for the invitation.-Nanzo

biqque said...

Fyzal - U R 'THE MANNNNNN' (worship worship!)
Dib - Owh dear mommy-to-be, ur mushroom soup did taste like campbell's!
Deb - lovely deb who brought all the sauces. mekasih!
Nan - gud huh? sewa rumah dapat bbq set! it helped!
Skin - sumpah sedap mashie, pasta and coleslaw ko!
Hasrul - tak ckup tiga ketul ayam ek? ha amik!
Sammy - poor little baby, umah autie biq takde ekon lagi sayang...
Enda - sian mommy-to-be muntah2...thanks for otak2 sedap! memang johorian la ko nih!
Wajid - sejak bila jadi WAJID lak niiii? kahkahkah! hebat, menyala jugak api tu!
Elly - sentiasa cun n bergaya. takpe, coke is the best!
Arab - dah la klakar, berjambang lak tu! kahkahkah!
Ashraf - lu aaa...haiya...nanti wa jumpa lu, wa titik2 lu punye muka!
Sha - owh dear, semakin cun dan seksi anak sedara pilihan ku ini! pandai 'pilih' yg bersuara sedap yeeee!
Wanser - ha janjimu tetap kutunggu! raya dtg kay!

Above all, my hubby - thanks for making it happen!

dibitz said...

i dah tukar wajid to majid laaa... uwaaa maluuuuuu!

Muna said...

so berseri and so cute lah u!

dibitz said...

thank you dear!

elysuhaili said...

aku sumpah pasnih bile lepak lagik aku nk pakai 2 layer mascara! cinabeng arrr muka aku mcm maid yg tunggu nk kena kemas umah.. kahkahkahkah carut xingat..