Sunday, September 14, 2008

tips on fasting during pregnancy

I'm 5 months and fasting. I'm sure most expecting mothers fast too. But I do hear some don't, maybe just a few days... some not at all!

To me fasting is Allah's wish, he wants us to do it for Him. So, if He wishes so, it couldn't be that bad right? Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk kita. It is said that if you're a laborer or a pilgrim, then you may break fast if you have to. So it applies to those who can't bear to fast maybe due to tiredness or dehydration or in my case if the baby is feeding on all your energy.

But so far, my 'lil darling in my tummy has been behaving very well during this fasting month. I'd probably want to thank the tips I read on the internet; which is during your last meal during sahur before Imsak, drink milk and eat some dates. Everyday, I make sure I do that. Sahur, One glass of warm milk and 3 dates. It works like a miracle. I don't get hungry at all nor do I feel my heart burning (that's what they say when they feel the baby is feeding on you). I work at a construction site and I can get pretty stressed you see. If it works for me, it should work for you.

But, if you're 8 months pregnant or going in labor than I have no right to suggest what so ever. Ask your doctor for tips and suggestions. Probably don't fast at all, ok? I'm no pro here.

Other than that, happy fasting!


Zach Reza said...

babe! Congrats on your pregnancy!
Didn't know it until I bumped into your blog :P

So, baby is due January, no?

Well, about puasa during Ramadhan, it all depends on individual, I'm reaching my 37th week now and was pregnant with Aresha (almost the same week of the trimester)4 years ago. Alhamdulillah I could fast without fail and loving it because I don't have to qadha' at all!
It's all about the niat kot? ;)

Anyway take care dear, must be exciting eh? Gender tak tau lagi yea? That's a bit strange, maybe baby wants to surprise mom & dad ;)

dibitz said...

that's why la zach, have to wait some more to know girl or boy. and yup baby's due january.

u lucky gal u... takyah ganti puasa. and at 37th week?? ur my heroin lahhh... i skipped 2 days because i missed sahur. didn't want to risk anything.

anyway, thanks darling! and u too, good luck and take care.. can't wait to greet your newborn! :)