Friday, January 22, 2010

Rik Clay

Yea, for you paranoid people out there (welcome), you should google Rik Clay.

He was a conspiracy theorist (yes, WAS) who researched much on symbolism and synchromysticism, etc. Very deep in fact, until his blog The Cosmic Mind was shut down. And weeks later died, officially reported that he died from adrenal breakdown. Which many don't believe that he took his own life. Because he sounded very energetic during a radio interview. Well, I don't believe he took his own life. I can't accept the numbers of many young deaths, doesn't matter if it was of overdose or what-not, it just all happened in a sudden. Like it was planned.......... ooooeerrr....

Tanda kiamat kot, berita kematian yang tak disangka. (betul ke ayat aku)

Anyway, go ahead and google. Push away the facts on his death, but crawl your way back on his research. There are some fans/friends who backed his blog. Go find. Really mind blowing. Bak kata Ris Low.... BOOMS!!!

note: be careful of what you read. iman kasi kental sket.

Currently listening to Letter To Elise - The Cure. No matter how many million times I listen to it, it just... just..... makes me all mushy and arghh.......... somebody stab me now!

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Liz said...

There are lots of stuff that I don't know...yet!
Let's discuss over the chat. Interesting findings....very interesting in deed.