Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway

This latest single is so influenced. I don't need an interpreter to tell me that the lyrics are SO NOT FOR A LOVER, but to their "god" (small G to show I ain't worshiping it). In this case, their god = Lucifer, Dajjal (capitals because it's the far end BIG DEMON! haha).

Don't believe me? Go see for yourselves. If you already know the symbolism, how they pay homage, etc. you will agree with me. If you don't, please go do your study before you criticize me.

Kenapa beriya-iya dorang ni? Lady Gaga with her gore acts, Rihanna with revealing suits better off not wearing a string, Beyonce (sorry gals) with her 'ritual' dances (ugly but unable to take your eyes off her bouncy assets (see movie "Metropolis 1927", exactly the same dance), Madonna with her "I-so-know-this-whole-Kabbalah-thing-and-I-gather-all-off-you-at-my-ritual-concerts" and her "downlines", Jay-Z, Kanye and all those puppets. I'm sure you must have one of your favourites mentioned and you must be cursing me. Well, BEP was my favourite, and I'm now squatting down thinking why them? (*cries*)

They are influential. All of them are used, paid, blackmailed, or voluntarily are part of it to simply meant to spread these teachings or to blind us and mesmerize us with their antics, so that we will be... absorbed? influenced? (damn my vocab-brain is really not functioning) MENGHASUT DAN MENGALIH PANDANGAN KITA DARIPADA KEBENARAN. Haa aku nak cakap tu..

And...... I think they want us to believe (or simply they themselves believe) that the Stargate will open soon, hence, thus, therefore, alas Lucifer will emerge from it and doom us all. Shall I say all the propaganda, including music and movies and politics are narrowed down to this sole purpose. The beginning of The End (sounds like BEP's latest album, ya?). Music, I don't have to mention because it has long poisoned our minds with sex and worships. Movies too as you can see now is the "trend" of the apocalypse as shown in the movie 2012, Transformers, Surrogates, District 9 and all. Don't they all seemed kinda similar? Hancur sana, musnah sini, dunia dah terbalik.

This is my opinion. Actually, it's not mine only. I have thousands who say the same, and I can have them nodding to my statements.

At least, don't be ignorant about these propaganda. I didn't say don't watch. Just don't watch blindly. I've watched most of the movies. I also listen to those songs. But I won't let it embed in my head. I won't gag or be in awe either.

Sometimes we idolize our favourite artists too much we forget that the word IDOL also means WORSHIP. You know better than me on this matter, right? Bah, I have my own favourite artists too. I'm just lucky I don't go head over heels with any of them.

Out of point there. Anyway, there's my 2 cents.

Ignorance may be bliss, but little knowledge is a dangerous thing too.
Very dangerous.

p/s: To whom it may concern, if you're still annoyed with me.. I've already forgiven you. (pergh.. sure api lagi) Minumlah Tricajus utk keharmonian hidup. Peace out! :p

p/s lagi: Found peace after E!, MTV, Channel V, etc were taken out from my subscription. Including the E!, MTV, Channel V, etc in my FB.. hahaaa.. you should do the same.


kira said...

13 masonic secrets, all in 1 BEP latest cun gila video tu. kambing buta mmg takkan perasan punya,ada biew blocker cam kuda race tu ..jalan teruuss je hahaha.

good post!

biqque said...

seb baik i puja zamani slam sampai kasi kad raya BESAR yang memang sah2 islam :D

tapi apa2 pun, boleh sekadar mendengar dan melihat...tapi guna otak utk tidak terjerumus ke lembah durjana je dah la kan...jgn la bodo gi bulat2 caya sana sini yg setan2 ni buat...haihhhhh...

kim salam myra...i worship her! :D

supersonic_teeth said...

HAHAHAHA including the E!, MTV, Channel V on FB! nice one.

biqque : menangis aku baca part zamani slam. mixed feelings. nak menangis, gelak, menangis, gelak, menangisssss, gelak.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

The first thing i saw was a pyramid in the vid. Tu pun nampak sebab nampak gambar jer..suara takde..first thing that popped into my head...oh no...!
kira boleh jumpa 13?? (saper kira?) nnt..jap gi petang sure ada video tu lagi kat MTV/Vchannel...bole try carik.

MR. PET X-TIKL9495 said...

Ok, aku pun minat seni. Aku minat seni M. Nasir. Tapi aku minat seninya, bukan senimannya.

Ada perbezaannya kan?