Monday, July 27, 2009

Iklan Bodoh Scientology dan Illuminati Yang Celaka

Kalau aku check out blogspot aku sendiri kan, ada la iklan bangang kat tepi yang buat aku sakit hati. I realize the ads given automatically here are kinda related to what we post. My last post was about Illuminati, and guess what ad was posted? Scientology... Hoi.. berbulunye aku. I'm so against Christian Scientology, so whoever comes in here and sees that ad, please bear in mind I'm no supporter, in fact I think it's a cult.

Reason. Nombor satu, pasal dorang tak percaya Tuhan dan percaya kejadian alam semuanya pasal sains.
Nombor dua, refer to No.1.

I'm sure they portray many good points to this "new" religion. Agama mana yang nak nampak buruk, kan? Well, except Kabbalah, dorang puja setan. Tu pun kalau search Yahoo or Google, I'm sure they say nice things about Kabbalah. Remember, these "people" own Yahoo and Google, so go figure. You can give me the horn sign hand, I can give you the finger.

Scientology memang menyimpang dari ajaran Allah, so I guess the devil won't bother them. To them, mission accomplished there. Hip Hip Hooray. Open your eyes to whom these fucktards (devils) are finding faults with. Again, the Muslims and the civilized.

Illuminati. How do we get out of the system? We can't! It's been long planned, satanic planned I must say, and most importantly; WRITTEN that it will happen and is happening. What we have TO DO is be faithful to Allah and don't you ever.. ever have doubts about Allah. Sekali kita musykil atau curiga tentang Allah, syaitan dah menang. Again reminder: Their motive is to deviate us from the right path; Allah the Almighty.

So, don't be ignorant. They may say we're being watched.
I want you to say, THEY are being watched...
by us. :)


debyG! said...

seriously babe.. depa tau u dok against them. lagi u sanggah, lagi depa dtg.. xpe..dengan izin Allah senantiasa u akan dilindungi olehNya..

elly mustafa said...

they are being watched...

supersonic_teeth said...

and they come in the form of "help". just like how the came many centuries ago. how deceiving.