Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take it... and go.

hati ni kan... hati ni kannn......... argh!!

Of all people to jump off her seat of jealousy, how could it be me?
I'm cool, confident, smart, stern, wicked, a bitch, powerful, stunning, gorgeous, magnificent, glorious, supreme, grand, brilliant, PERFECT... why should I (with a bloody capital I) be jealous??????

Who the hell cares anyway.

Take it........... and go!

pffttt... buruk betul kalau aku marah.


Ely Hasrul said...

aku xpaham sbb ko spiking tapi aku setuju ngan deskripsi tentang ko tuh..mmg benar 100% (cmne aku leh setuju kalu aku xpaham?) wat are u talking about? i dont understand english, pls speak in malay.

tendang bakul

debyG! said...

as u said.. "TAKE IT... N GO.. REALLY LET IT GO!!!!!!!!".

lets not waste more time.

and yes.. theme song of the day.. "SMILE-CHARLIE CHAPLIN" or u can take nat king cole's version or MJ's version. any which suits u!

smile babe..

and yes.. u mmg buruk kalo marah.. :p

dibitz said...

hahaha... i don't speak malay... hahahah cam celake tak?

i think i'll take boyzone's smile! kahkahkah..

thank you for the compliments people and yes, i'd like people to know i memang ada perangai buruk besides all those wonderful things i said about myself. angkat bakul, dan tendang! tendang jauh jauh... go!

biqque said...

why should u speak in malay when u r darn good in english?


(mj owh mj...i am smiling IN CRYING = senyum dalam tangisan)