Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yea I stole the pic.. too cute to resist.

How can I distract myself from being bored?

I can't coz I don't have a freakin' hobby!

I hope when my piano FINALLY arrives, I could try to let loose of myself and not be so tensed up all the time. When I am tensed I become a little bit more stupid and start to say stupid things and do destructive things to myself. I'm basically clueless of myself.

I am actually... in need of attention, I guess?? Oh how pathetic.. I'm turning into one of those bitches.

Burn the bitch.. burn the bitch..

I'd like to state my discussion with Biq today about the abolition of PPSMI (Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sains Dan Matematik). The summary goes like this:

Baja takde, ko nak harapkan buah?
Yang tolong siram pun kadang2 kasi kopi kadang2 kasi teh.
Bila masa nak kasi air paip?

It's not that I disagree or agree that our Math and Science are taught in English. I do agree that it SHOULD be taught in English, but how can you teach when your mother tongue is in Malay? My best advice would be, go brush up the language first. You can't just make sudden changes, ok?

I used to suck in History, you know why? I can't bloody understand the language! My bad. It's in Malay and in PROPER MALAY. Hello, I can speak Malay, mind you... tapi aku cakap bahasa pasar la kan? Mana aku paham sangat BM baku tu.

So, try seeing it from the Math and Science view.


biqque said...

what an educative discussion we had kan?

hmm...why don't english teacher take over the teaching? shouldn't that be easier rather than those who know math and science very well but don't know how to convey them kan?

biqque said...

ya allahhhhhhhhhh cute gile menatang tu!!!

dibitz said...

true true...
menatang tu curi dari aisha yg curi dari org lain.. haha... i hate internet.

Ely Hasrul said...

ha la.. tu blum peksa dlm bahse ape lagik tu hehehehhe.. kudos kepada upm sbb kasik soklan dwi bahasa tapi tak kudos kepada diri sendiri sbb xmo belajar betol2..

tingat kat hamster shasha yg mati.. huhuhuh

Liz said...

Used to suck at History? I still suck at History!!! Hahahha..all i can remember is something something in 1511.

Ya..selepas ini kita semua akan menggunakan kayu gembira.