Thursday, August 6, 2009

Understanding the Root of Mankind

When you begin to dig knowledge about God, human, angels and demons, you'll understand why some people are so paranoid over little details.

You think your mom is paranoid when you sneak-peaked Prince's Purple Rain on tv when you were 5 years old.
You say your grandmother is old fashioned when she forbade you to whistle.
You blame your dad for being too controlling when you were not allowed to concerts.
You hate your brother for hating your boyfriend... (ah?)

They have solid reasons to be so.

Read these and you will begin to understand why being paranoid is the better way.

1. History of Adam & Eve - baca yang versi Islam ye.. bukan Kristian or Yahudi or yang diubahsuai. Baca part setan tu especially. Baca betul-betul.

2. Dajjal Mata Satu - cari hadis dia. Come on la, mat salleh pun percaya ada Dajjal, korang Islam nak amik ringan benda ni??

3. Illuminati - termasuk Freemason. Get to know the Dajjal. Don't have to go deep sampai Reptillian tu sumer.. nanti taksub and sesat pulak.

4. Metropolis (1927) - cari kat YouTube. It's an old movie telling about the future and the works of Satan to sesatkan manusia. It's predicted and it's happening now. Only the creative minds will understand this movie. Very dark and seems artistic. But in fact, it's the master plan of Devil. This movie has been edited many times to cover up the truth. So if you watch it, you might miss out many points and make the movie seem fictional enough for viewing. But in fact, it is a clue.

5. Jay-Z and Beyonce - Seriously, I'm not kidding... look up "Jay-Z Satan" on the web. Ini salah satu contoh patung-patung penyesatan.

6. Kiamat - must I give a reason?

7. Read back Adam & Eve to recall your knowledge, and a reminder so that you tak taksub or sesat again.

Now, I understand our purpose on earth. It's just I'm not equipped with great Iman. I'm still learning though, and hope to be saved, not wiped away with the lost.

There's more, but I want to go home now. It's 5.30pm. Still in the system.. argh.


elly mustafa said...

Metropolis 1927? I will get that..

elly mustafa said...

thank you for sharing..sharing is caring..

amende i ckp nih??

dibitz said...

hhahaha sharing is indeed caring elly.. muahs! Metropolis (1927) mmg indescribable la... tp byk potong...