Wednesday, August 19, 2009

theStar News: Scarred by fury of a woman

JOHOR BARU: “I never ever want to see her again,” a 25-year-old police constable said of his ex-wife who allegedly splashed acid on him and his girlfriend at his home in Taman Selesa Jaya early Monday morning.

Jamaluddin Mat Isa said he had always known that his ex-wife would not leave him alone after he divorced her but he did not expect her to scar him and his girlfriend for life.

“We were downstairs for a while before we went upstairs to bed when I suddenly felt a burning sensation on my back.

“When I turned around, I saw my ex-wife splashing a solution which burnt my chest and hands,” he said yesterday when met at the Sultan Aminah Hospital here where he was warded for severe acid burns.
Victim of jealousy: Jamaluddin showing the injuries he sustained from the acid attack at his home in Taman Selesa Jaya at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital here Tuesday.

The woman had also hurled abuses at his girlfriend and even waited in the house after the assault before police arrived and arrested her.

Jamaluddin added that his 25-year-old girlfriend was also injured on the face, chest and thigh in the attack.

He divorced his wife in May and was scheduled to get the relevant court documents after Hari Raya.

“She must have been waiting in the house when my girlfriend and I returned home after supper at about 4am,” said Jamaluddin, who has been with the police force for three years.

His married the woman last year but the union lasted only eight months.

“We got married after being in love and having a long distance relationship for several years before I joined the police force.

“I never imagined that she would be such a possessive wife who never allowed me to go out alone anywhere except when I was working.

“Once she tried to commit suicide by leaping from the fourth floor of some flats opposite my home as she believed I was having an affair because I came home late from work,” he said.

Jamaluddin said that he wanted to take his ex-wife for psychiatric help but she always insisted that she was fine.

Asked whether he would forgive her for what she has done, he said: “I will lodge a report after I am well and I never want to see her again.”

Jamaluddin said he last met her in court in June, adding that he hoped that his ex-wife would be locked away and be given psychiatric help.

Nusajaya OCPD Supt Abd Aziz Ahmad said the suspect was under remand.

If convicted of causing grevious hurt, she could face a maximum jail term of 20 years and a fine or whipping.

dibitz : Am I the only one who noticed the part where he was in the same house with his "girlfriend" at about 4 am and about to go to bed???? Aku salah baca ke apa? Shouldn't this man be punished for "some crime"?? Why are we focusing on this small crime instead? Alaaa setakat luka sikit-sikit, dosa besar tu tanak kira ke? Sape yang patut kena sebat skg? Hmmm.... somebody please explain.


biqque said...

yeahhhhhhhhhh! i pun notice masa baca, terus i cam huh, masuk tido??? bodo tul kantoikan diri sendri!

Ely Hasrul said...

ha la!!!!!! aku mmg nampak ayat tu aje!!! ade cite kt metro kan.. gf dia ckp .. dia cam pelik sbb bf dia nih beria2 ajak dia blk umah sbb ade hal nk cite.. hamboiii ckp mcm bese and xdek ape aje.. ha hambik..

kira said...

hahaha mmg bangang kes camni masuk paper pastu kantoi diri sendiri.semua orang dah tau dia tido ngan gf dia.parent dia n gf dia mesti tepuk kepala

dibitz said...

tu la.. the paper pulak indirectly promoting "zina" to the nation.. cayalah... memang bagus sangat lah...

supersonic_teeth said...

i knowww. i was like... girlfriend? same house? going upstairs? to the bed? whut whut?

elly mustafa said...

i realized it toooooooooooo...a few days ago, i baca a follow up article on this case..tapi dari perspektif gf nyer tu la..dia kata, dia tak berbopren kan laki ni pun..dia kata dia ada bf dah..patu dia ckp, on the day this thing happened, laki ni jemput dia pegi umah..dia taknak, dia ckp, sblm ni tak pernah pun laki ni ajak gi umah.and another thing is, it was already malam sgt la..and masa dia sampai kat umah laki ni, apparently, the ex-wife dah mmg ada kat dlm umah..dia mcm rasa sumthing amiss about this whole thing..hmmm...camne nih?..

dibitz said...

ye ke??? lagi cam haram. wahh mesia ni dah cam hollywood. konon2 orang baca kat paper cam tarak hal la... ek enen...

dibitz said...

elly... conspiracy... conspiracy... hehehe...

Jard The Great said...

peh.. dasyat wei..