Wednesday, September 27, 2006

walking with pride

i'm satisfied that i know now that my instincts are so true all these while, satisfied that what i held back to protect other people's pride than my own has now shown that i am no longer in the dark side. i'm satisfied with just by letting my mouth shut, while God has always revealed the truth right to my face, and that makes me so satisfied to know that i can now rest in peace and move on with my life because God has proven to my ownself that i do posses a great instinct to make decisions that others yet to understand. i'm so satisfied that my gut feelings have guided me through out of misery and doubt that i have been keeping for years. i'm so satisfied that i didn't have to do anything to prove that my instincts are right. i'm so satisfied that God has finally brought out the clear picture to all the confusions and questions that had been hovering me for so long. i'm so fucking satisfied that i had sacrificed my pride and ego, only to prove that the truth is on my side. i'm so satisfied that nobody has to thank me for anything at all, because i can only thank myself for holding everything back and let the truth creeps its way out of all these crap i've been protecting. i'm so satisfied that i can now walk with my head up high and show my finger to anyone who passes me by because i know that i am right!

what i'm angry is that i did not believe my instincts earlier...

lei... lei ho yea ahh... tiuuwww.....

" If you didn't listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind "

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