Tuesday, September 12, 2006


buat salah
tak buat pun salah
cakap salah
tak cakap pun salah
senyum salah
tak senyum pun salah
suka salah
tak suka pun salah
cuba salah
tak cuba pun salah
nak salah
tanak pun salah
happy salah
tak happy pun salah
excited salah
tak excited pun salah
nak tolong salah
tanak tolong pun salah
usaha salah
tak usaha pun salah
semuanya salah laa senang...

i've committed, but not admitted... thank you so much for everything.

dulu aku mengaku salah pun orang tanak terima pengakuan aku... it's like i'm invincible, like i never do mistakes.
now, the wind has change... everything i do is wrong.

harharhar... life is sucky. i'm not affected though, but i find it hillarious that sometimes people don't see the big picture, and prefer to pick on little itsy bitsy details. we're not children anymore, and we should absorb and try to analyze and understand the situation. always have the mind set of anticipation. anticipate.. anticipate.. anticipate. paham tak anticipate tu apa??? contoh bawak keta la, kita kena selalu anticipate ada motor nak swing kuar ke jalan kita la gitu... so when someone does/say something that isn't your kind of language, try to widen your creative heads you have over there and understand the fucking situation! I HAVE NEVER ONCE THINK NEGATIVE OF WHATEVER YOUR ACTIONS ARE! infact, i want to try to understand it. but then again, what's the use when everything i try to do is wrong to you.

ko nak aku buat camne lagi? camni? camni?? (gaya2 keroro masa nak makan burger)

so, my bags are packed... and i'm damn sure ready to go. i'm not loosing anything. penat je la nak start balik... and patah hati sket (sket je... elehh... uwekkkk...nyampah...)
back to square one, girl...

wonderful people... wonderful...

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