Friday, September 22, 2006


(Thought I'd share this old poem I found... Nothing to do with whatever la... So, please jangan nak terasa-merasa nih... I just find this poem suitable to make it into a song... )

Look at me
Have I not treat you right?
Cry when you cry
Pamper you at night
Kiss you endlessly
Didn't I lose the fight?
And let you be the shining knight

Tell me what else can I do
Do you need more time?
How else would I feed you?
Have I wasted your time?
Am I not the one?
To share all your fun
Miseries and sorrows

I hang over your promises
When you lifted me from those dreaded days
Given no time to weigh
The offer I need not pay
Given no choice
You promised me happiness
And still I wait
As you promise

One more promise and I'm gone
One more pain and I'm gone
One more tear and I'm gone
One more promise… and I'm gone…

Tell me
Have I not loved you right?

~15 November 2005

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