Monday, September 11, 2006


it has come again
haunting me
hurting me
penetrating my mind
stabbing my heart
please go away
and bring back the strength i once had
i need to fight back
thank you once again
for taking away my self esteem
i fight with my mouth shut
it has always been like that
but the message has never ever been delivered
your loss for not giving me the chance
and now i totally lost it
i don't know how to fight
you can come and challenge me one on one
and i will lose even before you claim you've won
i only can rely on fate
that one day you can see
i'm just letting the puzzle fall into place
only then i can finally be free
i know my revenge will be claimed
but not through my own strength
the truth will creep its way to me
only then i'd know i'm finally free...

He always fights for me...

bee, thank you for listening... i know you care...

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