Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthdays & Resolutions

My birthday is near. Which reminds me I'm getting younger and more adorable (not). January is a big month for me... the pokai month, hahaha. My dad, my sis and my daughter's birthdays are in January too. So, few hundreds there, few hundreds here.. but it will be worth it. To see the smiles on their faces when we spend so much moolahs on ourselves. Once a year maaa... won't hurt much. Lagipun, tengah masyuk ni boleh la. Kalau aku tengah pokai aku cakap awal-awal.

And new year's resolution too.

A big month for us all.

My wishlist:

1. gold (kawan-kawan sekalian, marilah beli emas kerana duit akan pupus)
2. new wardrobe (baju aku sekarang macam makcik-makcik!! tolonggg!!!)
3. shoes (seriously I only wear sandals everywhere i go. dah lunyai pulak tu...)
4. make up
5. body massage spa (adeh.. I can't find the TIME!)
6. genting theme park tickets
7. persian carpet (haha)
8. 3D movie tickets

New Year's Resolution:

1. to find a fast way to clear my credit cards
2. lose weight
3. do as many crazy things before my bones can't take it
4. persian carpet (?)
5. to look 5 years younger through good diet and skincare (baru lepas makan roti canai.. haha.. takpe.. tinggal berapa hari lagi 2010)
6. to *kill (literally or not hahahaha) my singaporean principals

*note: shall the mentioned person dies, I swear I am not involved, you dry wit bastards.. hahahaha.... have a great new year!


biqque said...

hoi! lose weight??? what happen to "i'm fat and i don't care!"?

new shoes, totally yes!
new wardrobe, come to my house first na? thehehe...

dibitz said...

ha tu la pasal... gara-gara tgk gambar lama la nih... cisss...

Ely Hasrul said...

aku masih vote 'im fat and i dont care' hahahhahaha

uit part theme park tics tu jgn lupekan akuuuuuu

ape kata besday ko tahun nih buat partey menu mee kari? hahahahhaa

Anonymous said...

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SWW said...

happy new year dibz!

love all your goldie list..hehe..
i seriously suka itu louboutin shoes and nintendo..haha..the shoes amatlah tak masuk akal kan coz how la nak wear sama baby and kejar a 5 yr old son? lawan game dgn anak+daddy dia..haha:P

btw, hope u dont mind am putting an entry of u reviewing sww? danke danke:)

p/s:i rajin gak click click on your ads..hehe..we build our own community clicking ads too? ngeee:))

Liz said...

Hoh! Gold semuanyer...
Tapi jgn lupa bayar zakat emas plak nnt...

Persian carpet? That I tak mampu nak kasi, but 3D tix, no probs! :D

supersonic_teeth said...

wishlist no.2 fulfilled. (i hope its enuff la to be fulfilled. hehehe)

Anonymous said...