Friday, October 23, 2009

Shawl We Wrap? We Shawl!

My dear friend Muna just started her online business and she looks like she's doing pretty well!! I'm an online business owner too at, so it excites me to introduce you our new chic on board; Shawl We Wrap. Get hold of shawl designs you rarely see out there. Selendang yang menawan hati! Be bold! Be Chic! Enjoy!

I can tell you, it's affordable, and adorable!

The one I wanted sold out in just days. Waiting for the next stock!

1 comment:

Muna Adam-Rayan said...

awwww!! thank u dib darling!!
really appreaciate it:)
muahs muahs to dib junior for me..hehe:)