Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Humairah @ 8 months

Dah seminggu Myra demam.. tu yg tak sentuh2 blog ni.. takde mood. But she's getting better. Went to clinic twice, lastly I noticed she had a hard time swallowing, so I suspected that she had sore throat. But previously she drank just fine. I guessed it developed late. So, I took her to PPUM, and true enough, her throat was bad... She's getting better now. Making sure she finishes her antibiotic.

We went to Biq's Raya Open House the other weekend. It was great, food and all. She, as always, had a theme. And this time was "Baju Raya". So the three of us wore our baju raya (I wore last year's, I only have one pair this year) including Myra! Her baju kurung was made by her Tante Fara!

Guess who won the lucky draw (for babies)? Myra and Sami! hehehe... Myra is always lucky in these kinda things. I hope it stays that way. Coz her parents aren't that fortunate in winning anything! hehehehe..

Pics credits to: debygorgeousz and biqque


biqque said...

myra comel berbaju kurung :D

myra cepat2 sembuh ye! muahs!

kira said...

alhamdulillah dah sembuh,no more open house for us hehe

comelnyer brrr brrr

Ely Hasrul said...

huh baju last year? xtau pon.. rugi kan buat baju byk2. org xpasan pnnn

debyG! said...

baru perasan babe... ur watermark lagi besar dr i punya! hehehehe

dibitz said...

my watermark saiz biasa.. hang punya yang kecik sangat oi!!