Thursday, October 23, 2008

Projekt AK @ NTV7

My favourite local indie band would always be Projekt AK, period. They've been around ever since I started learning how to be street wise. Those were the days when we want to rebel, seeking for freedom, searching for your own identity... sigh... Those were the days... Gigs before were something to look forward to. And for a period, the gig scene kinda died. Now I see it rising again.

After the phenomenal era of the rock kapak, I seriously hated the local scene. Nothing beats the original rock kapak. Then came the rock leleh. Ok that's when I hated the local music scene. Alternatively, indie bands were the youth's choice. That's why at the time, indie bands were doing so great. You'd be surprised to know those youngsters play better than the mainstream artists. Indie bands make music. Mainstream bands just play, according to song producers and composers, just to hit their market sales. I have nothing against our local artists. I just prefer underground music. Baru feel...

Projekt AK's latest lineup are Rudy (Vocal), Faizal (Drums), Syami (Guitar), Andy (Bass) and Amy (Guitar). Though Amy chooses not to perform in gigs due to personal matters, he definitely plays a big role in the band, always. They are currently busy recording their latest album, title yet to be defined. Fans will notice the biggest difference is that there won't be anymore rapping in the album. They've all matured to a different approach but still maintaining the Funk genre. Agak kelakar la kalau nak tengok Rudy terkinja-kinja sambil rapping at his age la kan? I'm not saying that he can't, though. And I'm not saying he's old too.. hahaha... but I ain't saying he's young either. None of them are anyways. Whatever it is, true fans will want to listen to them no matter what.

So if you're a fan, was a fan, or wanting to be a fan, check them out tomorrow!

Channel: NTV7
Show: 1...2...Jus! (Guest performing artist)
Time: 8.30 pm (I guess they will appear around 9.10pm..?)

If......... you missed the show, you can watch the reruns on Sunday I think (Astro) what time I don't know, or stream the reruns online at NTV7 website, but you can't forward or rewind.. which is a turnoff, plus if you're using Maxis Broadband jangan harap la nak tengok secara aman...



kira said...

tak sabarnya nak dgr album AK siap 100%

elysuhaili said...

ha sammy bleh pilih kang.. g class drum ke guitar.. sume kena free la lesson nye kihkihkih

Rudy said...

Hmmmm nice comment...from you Puan Dib...:P who says I aint young...:P Im young lah :D Anyways... it's great to be back and hope to make an explosive comeback very soon...CHEERS to all!!!