Thursday, October 30, 2008

A day to comfort my Depression

Yesterday I purposely took a day off because my head was not in place. I was depressed after going through some difficulties with myself and my inner self, my health and what not! I was spotting the day before and went for checkup at HUKM. You can read my journey at Biq's. Thank you Biq and Elly for taking me to the hospital and to go through so much hassle!! It was everything from the spotting to the journey that just made me down. Yes.. yes... I'm easily depressed... so what??? I know my limits so shut up!

The alarm went off at 7 a.m. and I mumbled to Hubby that I didn't want to go to work. Then he said he'll accompany me. So we both went back to sleep. I guess he knew I was not mentally stable. I slept and slept and refuse to get up. At noon, hubby woke me and I came to realise I should continue my day as a wife. So, I quickly prepared a quick lunch (last nights dinner which I skipped). We lazed around the house, entertained by our adorable cat and re-bonding our love, since the night before I was behaving odd and emotional. Hubby was very patient with my depressed personality and was trying to make me feel better, although I know he isn't the kind to persuade.

Later Hubby took me out for McD's! Yeay! I was craving for it for the past 2 days (siap mimpi2 tau). Before that we went to AmBank to get the copy of my car grant. I made a call earlier, the original copy is at Yap Kwan Seng, but they told me to go to Wangsa Maju to collect the fax copy since I don't have a fax machine. It was easy, I thought... By the time I reached AmBank Wangsa Maju it was still early, about 3.15p.m. I told them what I wanted and they told me to wait. We waited until 4 p.m. and the guy at the counter called me. He said if I went to Yap Kwan Seng, it could have been faster. I stared at him and said, "Sama je lambat, sana kena tempuh traffic jam lagi, parking lagi.. heii... takyah la.. baik sini.. fax aje kan?". Then he told me he had trouble contacting them and asked me for their extension number. Excuse me? You are asking ME for YOUR HQ branch number?? Do you want me to teach you management? Because I have a list of what you can do to contact the bloody HQ Branch! I just talked to them, goddammit! And I just sat down again and prepared my speech, just in case they couldn't get my copy. Why the hell don't they have directories to their own HQ and branches?? Aren't they carrying the same products? Fine, do it the hard way. Make a fool of yourselves by asking your customers for your own numbers. Funny..

Later we ate at McD's. Joking about Hubby's friends and all. Then he mentioned he wanted to eat steamboat for dinner (now it's his turn to crave). So we quickly went to Giant to buy the ingredients. I bought my coconut drink which I craved since a week ago.

We head home and laze some more. Played the PS2. Played with the cat. Then had our steamboat dinner. I think we spent an hour finishing our dish! Thanks to my friend, Esmi for the steamer as a wedding gift. I was darn full I couldn't even lie down!

And so we watched tv, chatted, gossiped, laze some more and more... and straight to bed.

Thank you Hubby for a wonderful lazy day. You're very caring and romantic. Hanging out with you is always my pleasure. I'm now feeling better and happy as usual. As long as you're with me, everything will be alright. You don't know how little a sweet gesture from you could change how I feel. Love you sweetie!


biqque said...

owh god, not againnnnn?! takkan u have to go thru semua kesusahan tu lagi! affinbank pun ada directory siap ext lagi k! saje je!

steamboat? wow...interesting...

dibitz said...

tu le.. byk sgt mkn muruku dorang nih... cess...

elysuhaili said...

beshnye! i love lazy day!!!

ambank tu sebijik arr cm cimb time papi nk amik grant pi puspakom. seb beik papi mempunyai bini yg sungguh la sarcastic, cekap, cun, pandai memasak & berpelajaran tinggi. jadik korg paham aje la cmne aku leh settle kn bende tu dgn cptnye.

p/s - wahhh laki bini mngidam!

kira said...

love you too bee.