Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Is It Okay To Show Off

Nowadays, especially, people love to show off. Somehow, people get richer everyday. Designer bags, shoes, make ups, cars, techy stuff.. you name it. Up to their kids' diapers too.

There is a certain amount of acceptance in the community for showing off. But let me tell you why it is okay, in my view. It is okay because in my case we need to look good and feel good. In fact we try not to show people that we are poor or cheap. Our prophet likes nice and pretty things too.

I like seeing people with branded stuff, really. And then I like to see how the person acts. I like to watch OKBs. I like to see them make themselves looks silly sometimes. Jakun la senang cakap. Some OKBs carry on well, some OKBs make 'OKB' sound bad. Some OKBs think their the richest. Some OKBs gets stingy.

OKB tu Orang Kaya Baru la. (New Rich Man)

Anyway, as I was saying, why showing off is okay. So, why is it not? I have new shoes, I'd love to flaunt it. I just bought a new bag, I'd like to match them with my outfit. Imagine everyone wears something nice, it'd be a happy sight. At least for me. It doesn't have to be branded. My shoes and clothes are all from Sg Wang or Berjaya. I don't wear brands, they wear me (konon). Except for watches and wallets and stuff like that (haha konon kan tadi), yeah I do have this weird syndrom that some of my stuff must be branded and genuine, excuse me. Not that I want to show off, but yeah.. I do want to show off. Hahaha.. It makes me feel happy.

The other day I saw this aunty at a mamak, she was in her 50s I guess. She was wearing white blouse, white 3/4 khakis, beige wedged shoes and a beige designer bag. Simple and sweet. More sweet that she's such a soft spoken lady.

If everyone dresses up, this world would be a prettier place. Not better, but prettier hehe...

However, to boast or brag excessively is a total turn off and low-class. You need to show not talk about it. Just show. Take it and go... take it... and go.... if you can afford it, just take it.......... and fucking go.

And please, quit thinking you have money. If you can't buy me this gold fixie, you're just poor like me.

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Ely Hasrul said...

ingatkan beli beskal baru ahhaha..

aku tgh takde duit.. jgn ajak aku lepak, nk minum kat mamak pon xmampu .. kalau nmpak aku mkn kt chilis tu maknenye org banje.. zzzzz

supersonic_teeth said...

"lagi humble kalau tak tulis kat fb langsung" - mya. hahahahahha.

Liz said...

gold plated bike ke tu? bawak atas keta jer?