Monday, February 7, 2011


At one look at the youtube below you'd think it's another stupid local wannabe band.

That's when you know nothing.

Battle of the Bands 2011 Final - 2nd Runner Up

Global Battle of the Bands 2010 - Heat

Global Battle of the Bands - Semi Final

These young chaps are excellent! Listening to them makes me wanna listen to metal again! Tabik tabik tabik... apsal la Ijai tak cakap awal-awal. Kalau tak, Kak Dib punya kawan ramai yang gatal tangan dan sukarela nak meng-vote untuk Global Battle Of the Bands aritu. Tapi vote-vote pun dalam fb dapat no 2, apsal kat tv tak dapat masuk final pulak? Adakah ini satu sabotaj?

Anyway, congratulations Incendiary won 2nd Runner Up for Battle of the Bands last weekend 6 February 2011, and almost made it to Global Battle of the Bands Finals.

Ijai is my young brother-in-law. He plays the drums.. pretty well too.

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Ely Hasrul said...

la ade vote2 ker? walaupon aku xtau ape, kalu disuruh vote aku laju aje hahaha