Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love

Hubby-bee, though I'm not feeling well on this special day (yesterday that is), I hope you enjoyed your pre-birthday dinner and present, and a tiring outing with our hyper daughter.. :)

I've only known you a few years, yet I've learned a lot from you. Though sometimes your words are harsh, it never lack truth. Through bumpy roads, you were always there for me. Don't think I don't realise the sacrifices you've made to make me happy. You never fail to make me feel loved. When you include me in everything you do, I know you're comfortable with me, and that itself makes me special. That's why you're irreplaceable.

You're a great man, husband and father.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEE... Getaran jiwaku...


Ely Hasrul said...

hepi besday uncle bee (hamboi panggilan haha). sori lah kami nih berada di ruangan udara yg paling sebok. walaupon tidak dpt bersama2 utk bergembira, rasanye cik puan myra saja sudah cukup memeriahkan suasana hehe..

selamat hari lahir, semoga bahagia, sihat, kaya & hebat. aminn

ghost said...

Thank you bee. Had a wonderful birthday. Love you, always.

Gurindam jiwa

Biqque said...

happy bday fyzal :)