Monday, November 8, 2010

KL-Langkawi Transportation Budget

Oh dear, how I HATE travel preparation!!!

I am going to Langkawi (thanks to Projekt AK for making me go there!), though I love Langkawi very much, I hate the preparation, packing, planning, and whatever there is to set my foot there! The worst part is... the budgetting!!! Next would be the packing... grrr...

Anyway, below is my budget list for transportation ONLY! I'll be going there with hubby and baby Myra... so that'll be 2 adults and 1 infant. I do hope anyone could guide/correct me.

I need to pick the best, safest, most baby-friendly option, because my 'lil angel can't keep quite for more than an hour! hehe..

I'd go for the flight. Tapi mahal nak mampos! Takpe..takpe... nanti aku tidur aku pikirkanlah...
Korang jangan curi flight seat aku pulak!!!! Aku tengah planning baik-baik ni tetiba takde seat... worst still kalau harga naik lagi!

And that's why I don't travel.... &%$#@!



Liz said...

Ada dapat signs tak dalam mimpi which transportation to use? I mimpi basikal semalam...

It all depends on whether you want to enjoy the destination or the journey.

The choice is YOURS!! *echo..echo..echo* (ala-ala mcm cartoon apatah dulu tu...voltron??)

Biqque said...

langkawi mahal!!!

Ely Hasrul said...

i love langkawiiii

tingat zaman badan bergetah dulu.. 3 couple hangat bercinta dgn satu couple invisible ..mana pario pendek aku hilang di laut.. huhu

naik flight walaupon mahal sbb tu yg tercepat ..

supersonic_teeth said...

i hate packing too. but i guess most of my life i've been living in a suitcase pun! hahaha.