Monday, June 14, 2010

Garaa Band - Lost Live @ KL Jam Asia

Dulu sebelum kesedaran tentang Illuminati, Freemason, Zionist dan sebagainya, kitorang selalu lepak Starbucks. Almost everyday you can find me at Starbucks with Fyzal. Alasan: ada wi-fi. Hoi, time dulu memang susah nak cari tempat ada wi-fi. Starbucks saja yang ada. Kena pulak kitorang memang suka layan surfing, baca manga online, blabla..

That afternoon, Fyzal and I took half-day off and went straight to Starbucks Wangsa Maju. We'd of course bring our casual clothes and change before hanging out, just like school days. Our favourite was Hazelnut Hot Coffee. Thanks to Elly who introduced to me that drink. She said while she was in the US, she sipped hazelnut coffee on a breezy chilly day and said "sedapnyeeeeee.... panas dan sungguh sedap...". Lepas tu aku pun cuba la. Tau je la, Starbucks tu sejuk betul. And of course it was really good for chilly days. Bliss!

Fyzal and I just loafed around, reading manga, watching youtube, just totally lazing like no other people's business, when later Apek, Nan and Arab arrived. We watched this really funny Japanese comedy: Cromartie High - the Movie. It was from a manga turned movie. Sumpah lawak cerita tu. Lawak bangang tahap tak masuk akal. (Tapi aku rasa Detroit Metal City lagi kelakar la). Kitorang boleh la duduk beramai-ramai tengok skrin laptop cerita bangang tu pastu gelak sampai menangis-nangis. I tell you, zaman remaja aku telah di"extend"kan sehingga lewat 20-an. It was one of my best times. Living like nobody cares. (Drinks ordered: 2 cups, Hours spent: approx. 8 hours).

After the "movie", I saw Arab went out for a smoke. I followed him and stood next to him while he lighted his cigarrette. I turned to him; "OoooOOooo... minat kat kawan I ye...?". Tersengih dia; "Hehehe... eh minat la...". "You nak kawan ngan dia ke?", I asked shamelessly. "Kalau boleh apa salahnye...".

So, one day I picked Elly from her house, while rambling about my problems to her, I drove to Keramat to pick Fyzal and Arab. It's not that they don't have cars, but it was part of my plan. So the boys sat behind us, Fyzal was behind Elly and Arab behind me. And one thing I will remember 'til I die, Arab all of a sudden became childish, happy, jumpy, grinning away... pastu cuit-cuit lengan aku dari belakang. Cuit cuit cuit cuit cuit... I turned quietly to him and signaled; "Shhh!!!!". Tak sangkanya dia sungguh happy. Aku rasa takde siapa yang happy sebegitu bila jumpa aku! Hahaha..

Tu la dia, dia memang minat kat Elly sejak pertemuan pertamanya di rumah kawan kami di Puchong itu. Fyzal la yang bagitau aku. Bukan main happy lagi dapat keluar bersama-sama. Elly of course didn't know about my plans. But after that it was all up to Arab to make his first move. I only opened the door for him, and he did the rest. And they are still a very loving couple until now. I'm so glad they look good with each other. I believe they compliment each other very well.

Remembering those days really make me smile. Like I said, felt like my crazy days were extended. Doing silly things, skipping work, adhoc plans, hanging out til late, falling in love, meeting new people... I wish I could go back and do it all over again, not changing anything, but going through it again.

So, here's our last song, I managed to finish it in one day, melody and lyrics. We rushed for this last piece because we were about to perform not long after that. I remember writing the lyrics in a foodcourt at Low Yat. Because Apek named the song "Lost", I tried to just hover over the title. It represents all my girlfriends who were going through tough times in their love life at the time. Tough times are gone now. Lagu ni sebenarnya tak siap, macam tajuk dia jugak la, lost. Hehe.. Hope you enjoy this last number.

Song: Apek, Dibitz, Fyzal, Arab, Nan
Lyrics: Dibitz

Touch my soul tonight
Help me heal this pain
In the rain
I don't wanna fight
I don't wanna sink myself
With this chain

Trapped in yearning
Free but I'm crying

Hold me close tonight
I wanna feel you close
And remain
Reach me hold me tight
Free me from this coldness
I am chained

Trapped in yearning
Free but I'm crying

Calling for your love
Lost in silence
I'm alone
Wasted, shattered dreams
So cold

Calling for your love
Lost in silence
I'm all alone
Wasted memories
They're all gone

Sayonara people!


Biqque said...

i'm meltinggggggg...and u know why...

elly mustafa said...

whoaaa...ada kisah chenta i...hehehehe...