Thursday, April 15, 2010

End of Training

I'm done with training. 2 weeks of hectic, cramped (my body), training.

If you ever pass by Nephro Dept at HUKM, you'll notice the department is now paperless (hopefully soon). We've implemented computerized data system for them. And that's what I've been training them, the nurses and the nephrologists, how to put their hands on them. So, if anyone's warded to that unit (touch wood) and they are not keying in data to their system, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! tu maksudnya gajah putih in the making. ngee..

I don't know why I didn't snap any pictures during the training. Now I have nothing to show off. Hahaha.. Maybe I'll snap during 'Go Live' session.

So if you need any system for your hospital or clinic, give me a buzz. (I'm talking as if all of you owns one!)

We have:
Lab Info System
Renal Info System
Blood Donor System
Hospital Info System

If you like my face, you should get one.

I'm just so happy the training is over. Now I can have fun fun fun! (Jumping Jack)

Yipeee yipeee yipeeee!!!!

Oh I have to call Skin... lama tak borak ngan dia. Jap lagi aku call ko yeee....


Liz said...
Now I feel like buying a blood donor system. :P

kira said...

yea!boleh brxfast sama2

Biqque said...

faraaaaaaaaaaa! hahahaha!

i like your face too.
one etc. please?