Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuck In A Rut

Because of this HUKM project in hand


Just thinking about it makes me go insane.

I think I might create a second me, pretending I'm living in someone else's shoes. I hope to jump in a murderer's life. Like Dexter or something.

This is getting me nowhere.

Okay, I think I'm not okay.... I am not me. I think someone else is in my shoes, pushing me out.

Maybe it's Monday! Yea... that's it.


Biqque said...

u r wearing my shoes!!! thats y!!!

Ely Hasrul said...

size kaki sama ka ? hehe

debi bila kita mau duduk bincang? cam xsempat jek..

table dh settle ngan owner tuh tp kena ingtkn blk takut dia terlupe cesss


sabar dik

debyG! said...

take a deep breath. u'll do fine.

supersonic_teeth said...

i vahnt to sit in hello kitty's shoes and appear cute.

(yes im under stress too. i wish i was a cat now)

when you're stress look at yourself in the mirror and do the "im cute" smile. mesti geli hati kejap. hehehe. :) *hugs*