Thursday, May 21, 2009

Showdown Between Worldwide Star Adam Lambert & Acoustic Rocker Kris Allen

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Kris Allen won the coin toss last week. It gave him the choice of whether to perform first or last during tonight's showdown between him and glam rocker Adam Lambert. He chose 'last'. The dueling males each has three songs to perform. For round one, he will reprise his favorite
performance of the American Idol 2009 season. For round two, he'll sing Simon Cowell's choice. For round three, each will sing the same tune—penned by judge Kara DioGuardi.

Round 1; Competitor's Favorite Season Performance: Decked in a Matrix coat, silver scarf, and boots, Adam Lambert reprised 'Mad World'. Standing amid a fog effect, he emoted the lyrics and tune. The judges loved it—except that Simon disliked the long coat and the fog. Randy Jackson gave an 'A for Adam'. Playing the piano, Kris Allen reprised 'Ain't No Sunshine'. The judges loved it and Simon gave the first round to Kris.

Round 2; Simon's Choice. Adam sang Sam Cooke's 'A Change is Gonna Come'. He raised the roof of the Nokia Theatre and regained complete favor with the judges. Playing the guitar, Kris sang 'What's Going on?" The brother completely missed the soul of what's goin' on. Round two went to Adam—by a million percent according to Simon. Paula Abdul went so far as to say Adam would be iconic. He is iconic.

Round 3; Kara's Song. Kara co-wrote 'No Boundaries' with Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allan. It is the song with which the American Idol 2009 winner will make a recording debut. Adam nailed it, Kris didn't. Pleased that a singer of Adam's caliber had sung her song, Kara said to Adam, "I'm moved and proud. Thank you for giving me that moment at the end." Adam responded (re the song) "It's beautiful."

Randy Jackson told Adam that he could sing anything. Simon said to Adam that American Idol was/is looking for a worldwide star. And Adam is the worldwide star. The 'Forever Your Girl', Paula, said she was forever Adam's fan. Round three went to Adam by a landslide. And the American Idol 2009 winner is— KRIS???????

Personally, I think Adam deserves it.

And my personal favourite is Danny Gokey.. hehehe...

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elysuhaili said...

aku cam ape2la sbb aku suka danny lagik.. kalu ikut performance smlm mmg adam la patut menang.. tapi nk wat cmne kris tu comel... chick magnets..