Thursday, May 21, 2009

Di Haramkan Solat Waktu Kerja???

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My friend came across this and forwarded it to all of us. Hoi marahnye aku bila baca. How dare you ban our prayer time? Like us banning you from praying to your god. Kalau tak suka orang mengular, buat la masa2 tertentu untuk dorang pi solat! Apa susah sangat? Your office must be darn boring if they keep on disappearing. Or your management must really suck that your employees don't like to hang around the office or even work in it, if that is your concern la!

Tapi korang yang mengular tu pun satu, apahal korang mengular lama sangat? Solat siap solat sunat ke? I believe it only takes maximum time of 15mins to complete your prayer.

So now what? Take action or follow the rules. I believe you can take action against your management. Kalau memo menentukan masa-masa tertentu untuk bersolat, faham la kan? Ni memo tak boleh solat langsung, pejadah. Memperlambatkan solat pun tak elok. But anyway, these guys get what they deserve I guess. Asyik MIA aje. Either take action, or pray during lunch time and after working hours. Shouldn't have taken advantage of the situation.

But to the management, this shouldn't have been the action to take. You want to write memos, please do your bloody research first before you pick up your pen. Eg: how long it takes to pray, etc. This is a Muslim-majority country. Use your head, dickface!

note: I have nothing to do whatsoever with this memo, management, or people related to this post/memo. Just my point of view of the situation.


awim said...

Then, that company should ban cigarette breaks and why not ban lunch breaks while you're at it.

biqque said...


akira said...

sure dia tu seorang atheist yg sgt rendah moral dan IQ nya

supersonic_teeth said...

bila diberikan kerja harus amanah. tak amanah, inila jadiknya kot. tapi kesian mereka yg betul2 pegi solat dan balik ke ofis. tak pasal2 kena sekali kan? :(