Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Momma, I wanna be a ROCKSTAR!"

Yesterday I received a call from an old friend asking if I would be interested in joining his band as a frontperson (vocalist) for the Battle of the Bands... I said thanks but no thanks.

I would have said yes, just for the fun of it! hahaha... but I have commitments now. Anyway, I can't even get my band to hold on together, or even get back together. I must say one of my fantasies is to be a rockstar! Tell me who doesn't want to have a taste of it? I'm not a great singer though, but I love the craziness! Creating songs, practicing, recordings, late nights, no sleep, wasting time and most of all the shows! Not to mention dressing up for a reason! hahaha.. Yea, I love working hard for nothing.

I once had my hopes up high with Garaa Band, but then it just got flushed down the toilet, like any other amateur bands. It must have been the most devastating thing that could ever happen to me. Worse than breaking up with a boyfriend (yea I'm over-reacting). We were on the right track. We even had an EP! We sold out all of them! (Excuse me, it wasn't even 100 copies.. hahahaha). I had numerous calls for shows that I had to lie to them saying the boys were out of town. What a liar. I was hoping the breakup was temporary, but it wasn't. Sigh.. God always does this to me. The adrenaline always lasts such short time. In every case of my life! Damn it.

And so I told my friend, I have a kid now and I bet my hubby won't allow it. I told him I was flattered that he asked me, at least I'm still a rockstar to some people. hehehe.. well, at least all my efforts left some markings somewhere or to someone out there.

Give me hope.. and take it all away. It has always been that way. RIP.


biqque said...

mana gambar myra pakai baju rockstar tu???

elysuhaili said...

kalu ko masuk aku vote

supersonic_teeth said...

you're always a rockstar to me! :)