Thursday, March 26, 2009

I must have been a bad girl...

I guess God knows I am such a spoilt kid, he punishes me in a mild way.

I have eczema, not only on my hands.
I have a problem with my hip bone, or rather the whole of my lower body.
I have a painful bunion.
I don't have enough milk supply for my baby.

It may sound like nothing to some, but it does shatter my self-esteem. In a way feeling like a failure.

So if someone thinks I'm lavished in comfort, internally I suffer enough. If not physically, at least mentally. And if you know me, I'm easily depressed.

I can fake a pretty smile though. HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLE!! :D

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biqque said...

not as 'bad' as what i've been...sebab tu kot i tak dapat baby lagi... :(

dibitz said...

alaaa jgn la ckp camtu.. :(

elysuhaili said...

no u dont.. u r a very good daughter, amazing wife & fantastic fren. i love u.

dibitz said...

awwww thank youuuu... love you too!!