Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Grave of the Fireflies

Who would have thought I'd see fireflies again? The last time I played around with fireflies was around... hmm... 12 years ago? I'm not all that 'jakun' with fireflies, but it's been awhile. I'm not talking about just 'a' firefly, but a swarm of them (betul ke pakai swarm nih?)...

So my trip to Sekinchan was not a short one. On New Years day, and also 2nd day of Aidiladha, b-Fyzal, ArabElly and I drove all the way to Sekinchan to visit Skin (figured the name?) and her family. We left at around noon, and we reached Sekinchan around 3pm (ye ke?). We were really hungry by the time we got there. At Skin's we had laksa thai, mee tomato, nasi tomato, etc. Mee tomato was delicious!! Kakak's recipe... I had 2 servings... hehehehe... So we chatted, laughed and gossiped.. hahaha... Skin's mom is really cool!!

Later, we wanted to check out Hj Punari's kerepek, but too bad it was closed, maybe due to Hari Raya. So, Skin took us to the seaside. Not the best sight, but the wind really made us high... yea, after the lunch and all... it was real breezy... sigh... Then, later we drove through the paddy fields. Left and right, all green. It was really relaxing. Makes you want to leave KL.

But the one thing that I'll remember most is our trip to the Fireflies Park. It's opened from 8pm-12pm daily and it costs RM10 per entry. Didn't think that the place would be crowded, with foreigners and locals. They took us in a motorboat, and lucky enough our boat was quiet. Not like some where the engines were noisy.

And through the lake we watched the fireflies, thousands and thousands of them, blinking away in the quiet bushes and trees. Behind us were 3 Japanese tourists, and they kept saying "sugoiii neee.... sugoiiii..." and it reminded me so much of Studio Ghibli's Grave of the Fireflies, where I watched with my dear Fyzal and quietly cried by his side (I bet he cried too).

As he held me close and whispered sweet nothings, in the quiet peaceful lake jungle, it's as if the rest of the world just vanished leaving the both of us in a world of our own. I'm sure ArabElly felt the same. I'm not sure about Skin, because she was with Is... hehehehe... As we approached the last few bushes, somehow the fireflies were ready to perform a magnificent show for us... they just simply blinked in synchronize! It was beautiful. And they said fireflies are slowly being extinct. You might see one or two fireflies here and there, but you won't find a swarm of them so often. I'm glad we still have them here in our country.

It's one of the most romantic rides ever... furthermore, with your loved ones and close friends with you.

About half an hour later, when the noise from the streets gradually being heard, we know that our ride has come to an end. Sigh... reality strikes back. We later then had a drink, at 2 places! hahaha... the first stop they didn't take our orders so after 10 minutes we decided to walk away and go to the next restaurant. The next one wasn't all that better though. So we hung out for awhile, ArabElly just couldn't take their eyes off......... the tv screen showing REMPIT THE MOVIE????? Come on, you guys..... hahahahaha...

And so we headed back to KL. I really didn't think that my trip to Sekinchan would be this interesting. Well, thanks to our sista Skin and her kampung neighbour Is for giving us the short tour ride. We're sure to go back there and check out other Fireflies Park. This time on a sampan! And probably with Biq! If Biq was with us, oh dear... havoc!

Grave of the Fireflies... here in my heart always...

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