Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My hard-earned love

How does God create this, an art of love beyond dreams
I want to remain here forever
Dreams all fade, create yesterday
But I know this can stay...

Last week, a friend asked me, what makes me love my bf so much?
Simple answer, I told her I feel like no.1 with him.. all the time.
And when you're no.1, you have everything else that follows.
I have love, someone who cares.. and most of all, I have a bestfriend.
It's unlikely for anyone to believe that I could click with him.. but we do click.
I guess the things that I'm lacking, he fills it up for me. Vice versa.
He makes me laugh, he's very affectionate, he appreciates me, he's a wonderful bedtime-story teller, he talks to me about everything...
The fact that he's very sensitive, emotional, and clingy only makes me adore him more and more. In this case, we're so alike. I love to love, so it gives me the chance to love him more... I know you like that, don't you, bee?

The thing is, he makes me feel as if he's been searching for me all these while... I wasn't searching, but I was praying for someone like him.

I feel so attached to him, and I couldn't imagine my life without him.
What would I do without you, bee? You know I love you...

p/s: Yes, I know I'm a little bit (ok, alot!) jiwang here. I can't help it, I'm in love...

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