Monday, June 20, 2011

In Solitary

Ada satu pakcik ni, orang surau agaknya, buka bisnes makan dekat rumah kitorang. Satu hari tu try la makan kat sana. Dah duduk makan dia pun datang ajak borak. Of course hubby was with me la. We chatted and joke, obviously his topic would be religion la. One thing he mentioned that I will always remember. He said this world is about us mankind. We're here not to just pray. Tugas solat tu semua dah memang tanggungjawab masing². If we lock ourselves and just pray and pray won't promise us heaven. We are created to live in society. Bukan bersosial minum teh tarik je. But meet up, do charity work, discuss about religion, remind ourselves about Allah, helping the poor, etc. Basically the social networking goes around religious matters. That's why days before our time the mosques and surau always are meeting points. Not like nowadays, you can only see a full mosque during Friday prayers or religious occasions.

We don't have to go that far to notice our differences. We find friends hard to accept religious subjects from their own family and friends. Why is that? Are we all so modernized and think that religion is something unimportant? Well to be honest it took me awhile to open myself to strangers when they start to talk about something religious. I thought that person might be cocky or showing off his knowledge or worst thinking that person is talking down on me. Tapi lama² aku pikir ye la memang aku ni cetek pengetahuan. Apa salahnya dengar. Kalau tak percaya balik nanti aku kaji la balik. I won't take word for word what the person says, but it surely could add to my list of Google search items. Plus I like to talk, so what?

Because when we tend to learn more and more you'll find it more confident when facing people of other religion. Dulu bila orang ajak masuk Christianity aku tak tau macamana nak tepis. Dok hehehe patu senyap. They will ask many questions why this why that. You being a Muslim can feel scared to answer some simple questions, takut salah jawab. Memandai nak jawab takut dosa, takut termurtad ke.

But somehow living in this modern life, it is more difficult to socialize than i thought. Networking is nothing more than gossips, unresolved problems and money money money,worldy matters. Go beyond that you lose your entourage. Encourages people to live in solitary and keep their knowledge to themselves. And here we continue being ignorant people... what a disaster this world is.

May Allah help me with myself.


Liz said...

And me too...Amen!

supersonic_teeth said...

"you have two hands. one for helping yourself, the other... to help others." - got it from tumblr. hahaha.

thumbs up for this post!