Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bunga Larangan - UG14

Heiii... sesiapa yang ada video "LIVE" UG14-Bunga Larangan tolong laaaa bagi aku tengok. Penat aku carik.

To me this song is just so perfect, like listening to Steelheart-She's Gone or Loudness-So Lonely... but malay version. Of course we have many others like Wings, Search, MAY, BPR, etc. and we should be proud we once had great bands and great music.

But Bunga Larangan, when you listen to it after a long while, it really gives you the shiver inside. The lyrics, melody, music, keyboard/strings, guitar solo, the drum oh my god double stroke bass drum at the chorus, shit man.. so simple yet so brilliant. :D

Of course I haven't made any research who, what, where, when, why this song was composed, but I'd like to thank whoever was involved in the making of this song for adding to my list of favourite songs. (wow am I full of emotion this morning)

I love the Rock era! Yeahhh...!!


Biqque said...

perghhhh! lagu cinta form 3 i tuuuuu!

Ely Hasrul said...

huk alohhh aku terus nyanyi!! perghhhhh

virtuoso said...

Yang ni ke?


dibitz said...

virtuoso: terima kasih kasi link tu tapi malangnya yang itu gaya je live, main tak live... :(