Sunday, October 3, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya 2010

I don't blog much these days. Either I am too busy, or I just have a pc mobile that can't upload pictures on blogspot.. yet.. thus making me lazy enough to blog. Anyway, I promised to post a picture of my baby Humairah wearing baju kurung Fara did for her... Although she looks cute in it, she still has the attitude of a little mons... angel.. hihihi... Myra.. myra... you're the apple of my eyes... :)

This weekend, my friends and I plan to do Potluck Raya. By invitation only. My menu will be Curry mee... slurppp... lama tak buat. See you girls this weekend! Mwahs!


MR. PET EX-TIKL9495 said...

Peewit! Kah kah kah. Ingatkan anak dara mana jalan bawak adik tadi. Kekekeke.

Weh Deeb, ko invite 'girls' je ke? Yang 'guys' dengan 'tak berapa girls' cemana plak? Hehehe. Memain je.

ghost said...

mee curry aaahhh mee curry aahhh
sunnyy aahhh mee curry aahh

myra i misssss youuuuuuu