Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm glad I quit Facebook

After reading one of my fav blogger Chawanna, I know now I made the right choice of not getting too involved in Facebook. During those days where I was actively commenting, tagging, browsing, etc friends' pages, I found myself getting heated up everytime I read stupid comments here and there. Like, why the hell do I care in the first place? I should just let them be the way they are. But no, you tend to get too absorbed in it. And me being temperamental, I just couldn't control my anger.

Now I barely touch Facebook, and I feel so much 'healthier'. Come on people, get your face off that Facebook. Smell the flowers and coffee. See the bright daylight. Watch the evening rain. Take a walk in the park. Do something else besides tapping on your keyboard. Our life is short, treasure it.

When you're 40, and people ask you "What did you do when you were 30?". Gosh I have no answer. Hahahahaha...

But don't get me wrong. Some do make good use of Facebook. Doing business, meet old friends, spread good words of faith, etc. Unfortunately, majority of us just browse and nose around other people's businesses. Yes? Envying other people's success. Yes? Comparing your tummy with some hot chicks abs. Yes? Oh okay that was just me. :)

Anyway, push it all aside. Malaysian's no.1 browsing site is... jeng jeng jeng... Facebook. So... Let's do something more meaningful! I am glad my close friends have other activities besides Facebooking. Not like this one aunty I saw in Al-Rawsha Ampang, from her car to the table through dinner and back to her car, her notebook was on and her face was practically in the notebook, smiling, giggling. Hahaha... Kesian. Laki dia duduk sebelah dia hisap rokok sampai paru-paru nak pecah. Jangan esok-esok rumahtangga pun pecah. Touch wood.

During Myspace was not so bad because it didn't have this News Feed feature. Facebook has like everything and everything about your 'friend'. Things you supposedly need not know, you know. Sometimes without knowing, we breached people's privacy and we assume our friend is happy (when they're not) and vice versa. Yes, so why put up a status if you don't want people to know about your life? Sometimes, we get angry we don't think right, and we put whatever nonsense in your status and now the whole world knows you are unhappy (or are you really unhappy)? Okay, whatever. I'm just babbling nonsense now.

What I'm trying to say is, don't guess/assume about other people. It's a sin. Aku dah lari topik ke ni? I think so hahaha...

Anyway, let's cherish our life. Go do something meaningful. I promise you, it's way more fun than Facebooking. Instead of chatting through the net, why don't we just go meet them over a cup of tea. Won't that be more sincere? Plus seeing your friend smile infront of you gives you inner happiness. (Okay you can stop gawking! pfft..)

Tomorrow is a sacred day for me. Happy Anniversary Bee. I loved you then. I love you more now.


supersonic_teeth said...

happy anniversary to the both of you!!!!!!!!!

yeah ppl take FACEBOOK too seriously. honestly, mcm circus je dalam tu. pompompom!

Liz Rohaizat said...

betul! mcm2 leh jadi kat FB!

nak tanya, apa rasa kimchi? :)