Monday, April 13, 2009

VOTE for Projekt AK @ MET10

Do you have friends who envy your success, or your work, or maybe just your EFFORT? Well I had friends like that, but now I don't... coz I don't consider them my friends anymore.

I don't know if it's just the MALAY culture, or are all races like that? Take this for an example: I know most restaurants have this thing called 'pelaris' which is some kinda black magic to make their business more successful, making people crave for their food, or somehow tend to always go back to that same restaurant although the food sucks. And if by any chance another rival comes, one of them will try to 'kill' their business using yet again black magic... yada yada.. I know some of you will disagree on this. I'm not dumb, okay. I've seen it with my own eyes. And it frustrates me to see other races joining hand in hand in bringing their business up together. Have you seen any Chinese restaurants unsuccessful?

Yes, there are some who don't use black magic. And I see Malay restaurants starting to get together to form 'food court' style, just like the Chinese do. More choices. More people. We all like that.

Same goes with our friends. I have good friends behind my back no matter what. We push ourselves to be the best, to go beyond our limits, to try new things. We'd give each other loopholes to go where we want to go. Give each other what we need to improvise ourselves. Proud to be part of it. But not some assholes I had before who will scrutinize and back stab me when I get to do something new, and they know that I could make it. They talk behind my back. Refuse to support. Refuse to help. And worst, try to bring me down. Pathetically they tried to do what I did but clueless of what they're doing. Just for the sake of competing. Thanks to these kind of people, some of us lose. Just like the restaurants. This is not envy, this is jealousy. They'd do whatever it takes, as long as we don't succeed. AS LONG AS WE DON'T SUCCEED. As long as we do not succeed... and they'll achieve victory, of what fuck.

What goes around, comes around. I still see them as pathetic as before. Good riddance.


new line up (pic upload by request... ok tak rudy?)

Vote for my (hehe) favourite local indie band:
VOTE! Projekt AK at MET10
VOTE! Projekt AK at MET10
VOTE! Projekt AK at MET10
VOTE! Projekt AK at MET10
VOTE! Projekt AK at MET10

Vote! Or you are not my friend... hahaha....... saiko.


elysuhaili said...

hoi cemana nk vote nih!! aku sokong aku tak backstab hahahaha

dibitz said...

haa ko click kat link yang aku bagi tu, nanti masuk punya website, ko click aje vote kaler pink kat band projeKt ak tu. apsal la orang selalu salah eja. currently dia nombor 10 tu.

Rudy said...

itu gambar old skool lah...letak lah gambar baru..:)

Rudy said...

Hah that's wht Im talking about...nampak meriah and ceria Projekt AK baru gitu...funky groovy and sexy...:P...wish us luck my brothers and sisters!!!

supersonic_teeth said...

projekt AK all the way!!!!!